Top 5 Real Estate Negotiation Simulations

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Role Simulations

Role Simulation
Two-party, single-issue distributive negotiation over a linkage payment that a developer must make to a city government; includes ethical issues
Role Simulation
Business and Commercial Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

Bullard Houses

Ron Karp, David Gold and Mox Tan
Two-party, multi-issue real estate negotiation between representatives for a buyer and seller, where BATNAs are important
Role Simulation
Corporate Decision-Making Negotiation Role-Play:

Bunyon Brothers

Mark Gordon, Elizabeth Gray, and Bruce Patton
Three-party, multi-issue internal corporate negotiation in preparation for external negotiation with community representatives
Role Simulation
Community Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

Construction in Bunyonville

Bruce Patton
Six-person, multi-issue mediation between two construction company representatives and two neighborhood residents over a construction project's safety and noise issues; mediated by two representatives of the bank financing the construction
Role Simulation
Business and Commercial Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

Hong Kong Property Deal

Larry Crump, based on a concept developed by Lawrence Susskind
Two-party potentially integrative negotiation between a property owner and a neighboring business over the sale of two real estate parcels