Top 5 Workplace Disputes Simulations

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Role Simulations

Role Simulation
Corporate Decision-Making Negotiation Role-Play:

Binder KadeerConsultation in the Company

Lawrence Susskind, Deborah Kolb, Paddy Moore, Margaret Borne and Peter Shapiro
Three- or four-party consultation by one or two human resources representatives to manage an affirmative action complaint by an employee against his supervisor
Role Simulation
Technology Negotiation Role-Play:


Deborah Kolb
Two-party negotiation between a company's chief financial officer and the head of the human resources department regarding the budget for the department's reorganization
Role Simulation
International Relations Negotiation Role-Play:

Collective Bargaining at Central Division

Lawrence Susskind, Charles Hecksher, and Elaine Landry
Two-team, multi-issue collective bargaining contract negotiation between three union representatives and three management representatives for a telephone company; includes an internal team meeting before external negotiations
Role Simulation
Health / Medicine / Pharmaceutical Negotiation Role-Play:

Drug Testing in the Workplace

Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld and Roger Winthrop
Three-person employment mediation between a truck driver and his company's personnel director, mediated by an Employee Assistance Program representative, regarding a positive drug test; a four-person version also includes a union representative
Role Simulation
Robert Smith and Ericka Gray
Two-party, multi-issue negotiation between a human resources director and a prospective employee over terms of hire that highlight cultural differences