Environmental Role-Play:

Offshore Wind Farm Negotiation

MIT Students in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, under the supervision of Prof. Lawrence Susskind and Dr. Herman Karl

8-party nonscorable negotiation among commercial, environmental, and governmental stakeholders over a controversial proposal to develop offshore wind farms

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Shellfish Wind Associates has submitted a proposal to develop offshore wind farms in Dakota Shoal, and the Federal Permitting Agency (FPA) is reviewing the controversial proposal. A group of relevant stakeholders has been meeting to discuss the recently submitted draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and this is the third meeting convened by the FPA. Stakeholders are seeking consensus regarding the following issues:

  • How much agreement is there around the developer’s EIS?
  • What additional environmental, economic, and/or aesthetic considerations should be addressed in the permitting decision?
  • What is preventing stakeholders from reaching agreement?
  • What mode of participation should be used to ensure stakeholders an appropriate role in the final permitting decision?



  • Techniques for creating value in spite of differences
  • Joint fact-finding in the face of disputed scientific information
  • Dealing with scientific and technical uncertainty through an adaptive management approach.


Participant Materials Include:

For all parties:

  • General instructions
  • Shellfish Wind's Draft Environmental Impact Statement
  • State Dept. of Env. Protection's Economic Impact Assessment


Role-specific instructions for:

  • Federal Permitting Agency (FPA)
  • Shellfish Wind Associates (SWA)
  • Residents' Assocation (RA)
  • State Department of Environmental Protection (SDEP)
  • Fishermen's Association (FA)
  • Resource Economist
  • University of Commonwealth Marin Biologist
  • National Association for Green Energy (NAGE)

Offshore Wind Farm Negotiation Attributes

Time required: 1-2 hours
Number of participants: 8
Teams involved: No
Agent present: None
Neutral third party present: None
Scoreable: No
Teaching notes available: Yes