Art & Science of Negotiation (The) How to Resolve Conflicts and Get the Best Out of Bargaining

Howard Raiffa

Winner of the 1985 Leo Melamed Prize of the Journal of Business for the most significant published work by a faculty member in a school of business in the preceding two years.

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Whether you are selling a house, closing a business deal, settling a divorce, arbitrating a land dispute, or trying to hammer out an international treat, The Art and Science of Negotiation will measurably improve your negotiating skills. This is a sophisticated book directed to lawyers, labor arbitrators, business executives, college deans, diplomats, and many other professionals. Using a vast array of specific cases and clear, helpful diagrams, Raiffa not only elucidates step-by-step processes of negotiation but also translates this deeper understanding into practical guidelines.

"A timely, practical, and appropriate guide to cooperation and competition." – Harry Levinson, The Levinson Institute

"A quantum leap forward in the state of the art…[Raiffa] employs a classroom wizard's mastery over the hypothetical question to analyze in lively case studies and problems the essential characteristics of various forms of interactive competitive bargaining." – American Bar Association Journal

"Raiffa deftly weaves together case-style vignettes of negotiation situations with a few analytical threads drawn from the theory of games, decision making under uncertainty, and fair division. Written with clarity and verve while avoiding technicalities, it strikes a nice balance between analysis and anecdote." – Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

"Tightly written, eminently readable, and containing many usable examples, it is bound to be a valuable resource book for years to come." – Journal of the American Planning Association


Howard Raiffa is Frank Plumpton Ramsay Professor of Managerial economics and a member of the Faculty of Government, Harvard University.


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Art & Science of Negotiation (The) Attributes

Author: Howard Raiffa
Publisher: Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1982