An Actual Small Claims Mediation


Bruce Patton

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Sometimes it is helpful when discussing small claims mediation to have an actual case for students, mediators, litigants, and lawyers to study. This copy of the agreement reached between J. Construction Company, plaintiff, and the Elk Knights of Odd Fellows, defendant. The Elk Knights deducted several hundred dollars from the bill for construction of their new hall, claiming that the construction company went over schedule, left a mess, and made use of their custodian. The Knights also found fault with the quality of the construction. The Plaintiff claimed $870.00 plus $95.57 interest and $15.30 in court costs. The plaintiff made two claims in an attempt to circumvent the $750.00 limit on small claims court.



This is a discussion piece best utilized as a supplement used with other mediation role simulation or as a tool to guide people through the mediation process.




An Actual Small Claims Mediation Attributes

Author: Bruce Patton
Publisher: Program on Negotiation