Harvard Negotiation Master Class


Advanced Strategies for Experienced Negotiators
The program runs on November 16-18, 2021

Harvard Negotiation Master Class
Take Your Negotiation Skills to the Master Level

What if you could negotiate at an even higher level? The Harvard Negotiation Master Class is designed for people like you: strong negotiators who want to become even better ones.

Strictly limited to 60 participants who have completed a prior course in negotiation, this program offers unprecedented access to experts from Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School—all of whom are committed to delivering a transformational learning experience.

Through small learning groups, dynamic exercises with two-way feedback, and intensive simulations, you will gain proven frameworks for addressing your most complicated negotiation challenges—and emerge a highly skilled and confident dealmaker.

The Harvard Negotiation Master Class has run biannually to sold-out classes, and along the way has taught nearly 1,000 global negotiators to become “Master Negotiators.” Most recently, due to COVID-19, the Master Class has been running live and online—and at a reduced price. Our November 2021 session will be the last Master Class that will run live and online, and at the reduced price. Starting with our April 2022 session, the Master Class will return to an in-person format in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Beginning in 2022, the Master Class will return to an in-person format in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The November program 2021 is the last class to run live and online at the reduced rate.

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About the Program on Negotiation

Widely recognized as the preeminent leader in the field of negotiation, negotiation research, and dispute resolution, the Program on Negotiation (PON) is an interdisciplinary multi-university consortium based at Harvard Law School. Since its founding in 1983, PON has established itself as one of the world’s outstanding negotiation training institutions.

Leaders in Negotiation Executive Education

  • PON’s executive education training programs are designed to help participants become successful negotiators who can deal with difficult people and hard bargainers, structure deals, and manage conflict productively.
  • To ensure a highly personalized experience, each session of the Harvard Negotiation Master Class is strictly limited to 60 participants.
  • World-renowned faculty members from Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, and Harvard Kennedy School constitute the teaching team.

Who Should Attend

The Harvard Negotiation Master Class attracts a diverse group of participants—all of whom are proficient negotiators who wish to take their skills to the next level.

Participants typically have 10–20 years of negotiation experience and have taken a prior course with PON or a comparable program. The program is appropriate for CEOs, VPs, directors, and managers across a wide range of job functions, including sales, operations, human resources, and marketing, as well as for individuals in the education, government, and nonprofit sectors.

Past Participants

US Dept of Defense
TD Bank
World Bank
Blue Cali
Wells Fargo
Dana Farber

…And Many More!

Fees and Dates

Fees: $4,497

Harvard Negotiation Master Class sessions:
November 16-18, 2021
Upon course completion, participants receive a certificate of completion.

Master Class

Participant Feedback

“This course is designed to truly change the way one thinks about negotiating on many levels.”

“This is the best program of negotiation in the world.”

“This is definitely a very good investment of time, effort, and money.”


NEW! Personal Coaching Opportunities

Additionally, participants in this Harvard Negotiation Master Class will have an increased opportunity to work with experienced coaches in small groups. By collaborating closely with experts and small groups of peers who are tackling negotiation challenges of their own, you will gain powerful insights and new ways to improve your performance, both at and away from the negotiating table.

Top Nine Reasons to Attend the Harvard Negotiation Master Class—Live and Online
  1. Learn to set the tone and build momentum at the outset of a negotiation
  2. Identify shared, opposing, and tradeable interests
  3. Recognize the indicators that your negotiation counterpart is ready to close—with a particular focus on thresholds of satisfaction with the process, the substance, and the relationship
  4. Gain a robust framework for improving the quality of feedback conversations
  5. Assess the deal versus the attractiveness of no-agreement alternatives
  6. Learn to identify blind spots—the places where you are missing opportunities and frustrating others
  7. Establish the groundwork for identifying the other side’s victory speech by addressing their underlying interests and concerns
  8. Learn how to ask probing, clarifying, and investigative questions in a nondefensive manner
  9. Understand how to manage difficult deals and ugly conflicts
Join the Ranks of the Master Dealmakers

Mastering the art of negotiation is a lifelong journey. The Harvard Negotiation Master Class offers the rare opportunity to step away from your day-to-day responsibilities to self-reflect and focus on developing a competency that will serve you for the rest of your professional life. After three intensive days, you will emerge a highly confident negotiator who truly understands the game—and loves to play it.

Meet the Faculty

Sheila Heen

Sheila Heen

Sheila Heen is a lecturer on law at Harvard Law School, cofounder and CEO of Triad Consulting Group, and senior affiliate of the Harvard Negotiation Project, where she has spent the last 20 years developing negotiation theory and practice. She also teaches in the executive education and MBA leadership programs at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and Washington University’s John M. Olin School of Business.

Brian Mandell

Brian Mandell

Brian Mandell is the Mohammad Kamal Senior Lecturer in Negotiation and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, a faculty associate at the Center for Public Leadership, and director of the Harvard Kennedy School Negotiation Project. He is a preeminent teacher and curriculum designer at the Harvard Kennedy School, where he leads an innovative, intensive annual workshop course on advanced multiparty negotiation and conflict resolution.

Robert Wilkinson

Robert Wilkinson

A negotiation and leadership specialist, Wilkinson is on the faculty at Harvard Kennedy School, where he teaches graduate courses on leadership in complex environments and negotiation theory and practice. Wilkinson has won several Dean’s Teaching Awards at Harvard, and also served as a special advisor on negotiation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Previously, he was on the faculty at Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy for eight years.

Deepak Malhotra

Deepak Malhotra

Professor, Negotiations, Organizations, and Markets Unit, Harvard Business School. Deepak Malhotra teaches negotiation in a wide variety of executive programs including the Advanced Management Program, the Owner/President Management Program, Changing the Game, Strategic Negotiation, and Families in Business. He is the author (with Max Bazerman) of the new book Negotiation Genius: How to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Brilliant Results at the Bargaining Table and Beyond, which received the 2008 Outstanding Book Award by the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution.