Program on Negotiation Faculty Discuss the Government Shutdown Negotiations

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Scott Horsley, writer for National Public Radio’s “It’s All Politics,” recently interviewed Program on Negotiation faculty to discuss the negotiation strategies, and their pitfalls, currently being used by congressional Republicans and US President Barack Obama in the government shutdown negotiations.

Author of Bargaining With The Devil: When To Negotiate, When To Fight, Robert Mnookin advocates for Barack Obama to take a strong position at the bargaining table, but notes the risks:

“Perhaps if he simply hangs tough, a week and a half from now, the Republicans will cave and he won’t have to do anything. But if it doesn’t happen, the consequences for all of us, for the American economy, are very, very serious.”

Joining Robert Mnookin are Program on Negotiation co-founders William Ury and Bruce Patton, both of whom co-authored the foundational work Getting to Yes with fellow co-founder of the Program on Negotiation Roger Fisher.

William Ury emphasizes the importance of keeping the lines of communication between the two parties open, saying:

“You don’t deal with a problem with your neighbor by cutting the phone line.”

Bruce Patton discusses the reality behind negotiations and the consequences of brinksmanship, explaining,

“People assume that it’s zero-sum. And that if I hurt you, that’s good for me. And in the real world, that’s just not true. You can always both lose.”

Be sure to listen to the podcast clip in its entirety here on the NPR website.

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  1. John /

    Thanks for this!! How about similar reports from PON about negotiations in the Middle East and other parts of the world?? Reply

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    Goverment shutdown 's a strange story in my country. Goverment in my country''s willing to have the 1001 way to take the money from the Vietnamese people Reply

  3. Carl Gowan /

    Perhaps this is a case of playing to the audience instead of focusing on the base interest of each of the negotiating parties. Reply

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