Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution generally refers to one of several different processes used to resolve disputes between parties, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, collaborative law, and litigation. Dispute resolution is the process of resolving a dispute or a conflict by meeting at least some of each side’s needs and addressing their interests. Dispute resolution, or conflict resolution to use another common term, is a relatively new field, emerging after World War II. Scholars from the Program on Negotiation were leaders in establishing the field.

In this free special report Dispute Resolution, Working Together Toward Conflict Resolution on the Job and at Home, the editors of Negotiation cull valuable negotiation strategies and curate popular content to provide you with a concise guide on how to improve your dispute resolution skills.

What are the Three Basic Types of Dispute Resolution? What to Know About Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation

PON Staff   •  01/23/2015   •  Filed in Dispute Resolution

Suppose that in each case, the parties and their lawyers have exhausted their attempts to negotiate a resolution on their own. They’re ready for outside help in ending their dispute, yet they don’t know where to turn.

When it comes to dispute resolution, we now have many choices. Understandably, disputants are often confused about which process … Read More 

Not-So-Privileged Information

PON Staff   •  01/19/2015   •  Filed in Dispute Resolution

The law of attorney-client privilege protects certain communications on the assumption that clients will reveal critical information to their attorneys only if they know such disclosures will not harm them in court. Despite the inadmissibility of such evidence, judges can have difficulty disregarding privileged information that sheds light on a case. … Read More 

To Avoid the Need for Dispute Resolution, Plan Ahead

Katie Shonk   •  12/16/2014   •  Filed in Dispute Resolution

When disputes flare up in business relationships, a failure to thoroughly anticipate and prepare for the future is often to blame. Consider a dispute that has arisen surrounding the estate of Maurice Sendak, the acclaimed children’s book author and illustrator of dozens of books, including the masterpiece Where the Wild Things Are. As Randy Kennedy … Read More 

Dispute Resolution with Spotify? Taylor Swift Shakes It Off

Katie Shonk   •  11/12/2014   •  Filed in Dispute Resolution

In negotiation, our success often hinges on our bargaining power—which in turn can depend on forces beyond our control. That truism was highlighted in two recent disputes arising from business negotiations over the pricing of copyrighted material in the digital era, one from the music world, the other from publishing. First, country-music star Taylor Swift … Read More 

Dispute Resolution: Should You Bring Your Lawyer?

PON Staff   •  09/12/2014   •  Filed in Dispute Resolution

How does the presence of lawyers affect the process of mediation? You might guess that when one or both sides bring an attorney to a mediation, the process would become more contentious and adversarial, with impasse more likely, than if the parties worked solely with a mediator. That conventional wisdom is contradicted by new research … Read More 

Dispute Resolution: Mandatory Arbitration Under Fire

PON Staff   •  08/22/2014   •  Filed in Dispute Resolution

A shake-up is afoot regarding large companies’ use of mandatory arbitration to settle disputes with consumers. Until now, if you got into a dispute with your credit card or cell-phone provider, you might have to sort it out in arbitration even if you’d rather file a lawsuit. Buried in the fine print of many consumer … Read More 

In Dispute Resolution, A Tale of Two Arthurs

Katie Shonk   •  08/12/2014   •  Filed in Dispute Resolution

In the business world, long-term loyalty to a CEO is supposed to be a good thing. For New England supermarket chain Market Basket, however, employees’ reverent appreciation for their former chief and co-owner, Arthur T. Demoulas, has proved to be destructive to the business in the short term, causing employee and customer protests as well … Read More 

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