Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution generally refers to one of several different processes used to resolve disputes between parties, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, collaborative law, and litigation. Dispute resolution is the process of resolving a dispute or a conflict by meeting at least some of each side’s needs and addressing their interests. Dispute resolution, or conflict resolution to use another common term, is a relatively new field, emerging after World War II. Scholars from the Program on Negotiation were leaders in establishing the field.

In this free special report Dispute Resolution, Working Together Toward Conflict Resolution on the Job and at Home, the editors of Negotiation cull valuable negotiation strategies and curate popular content to provide you with a concise guide on how to improve your dispute resolution skills.

Three Questions to Ask About the Dispute Resolution Process

Keith Lutz   •  07/03/2014   • Filed in Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is often a multistep process that can start with negotiation, move on to mediation, and, if necessary, end in arbitration or litigation.

This progression allows parties to start off, quite naturally, with less-expensive, less-formal procedures before making bigger commitments of money and time.

Still, there may be situations in which you wonder if it would … Read More 

What are the Three Basic Types of Dispute Resolution? What to Know About Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation

PON Staff   •  06/30/2014   • Filed in Dispute Resolution

Suppose that in each case, the parties and their lawyers have exhausted their attempts to negotiate a resolution on their own. They’re ready for outside help in ending their dispute, yet they don’t know where to turn.

When it comes to dispute resolution, we now have many choices. Understandably, disputants are often confused about which process … Read More 

In Dispute Resolution, Change the Game—and the Name

Katie Shonk   •  06/18/2014   • Filed in Dispute Resolution

Suppose that two businesses have similar sounding names. The similarity is confusing to customers, or could be down the line. One of the businesses decides to do something about it. How can they engage in a successful dispute-resolution process?

Two recent conflicts over business names went in different directions. First, a public dispute broke out … Read More 

Business Negotiators: Find the Right Fit

PON Staff   •  05/23/2014   • Filed in Dispute Resolution

When approached by a partner whispering sweet nothings about untold riches and power, it can be tempting to rush through the negotiation process. But if you do, you could find out too late that your Prince Charming is nothing but a frog—and that those glass slippers on your feet pinch. That’s how famed shoe designers … Read More 

The Paradox of Positions

PON Staff   •    • Filed in Dispute Resolution

It’s not difficult for negotiators haggling over seemingly finite resources to become entrenched in their positions. Sometimes the only way to get unstuck is to think appreciatively and creatively about the other side. Rather than trying to determine why a person has taken a particular position, consider what she wants, appreciate it, and try to … Read More 

For Detroit Pensioners, Dispute Resolution Pays Off

Keith Lutz   •  05/06/2014   • Filed in Dispute Resolution

On April 15, Detroit city employees and retirees breathed a huge sigh of relief after the city’s emergency manager and its pension fund managers reached a deal that would significantly reduce proposed cuts to pension benefits, CNNMoney reports. Some civilian workers will face a 4.5% reduction in pensions and lose cost-of-living adjustments. Retired public-safety workers … Read More 

Others May Be More Powerful Than You Think They Are

PON Staff   •  04/04/2014   • Filed in Dispute Resolution

Imagine that you’re a national account sales manager and are preparing to negotiate your annual raise.

You have met all your sales objectives and feel that you are not only a valuable employee but also the top producer in the department.

You feel quite confident that you will receive the highest possible salary increase. But during an … Read More 

Google’s Approach to Dispute Resolution: “Don’t Litigate, Negotiate”

Katie Shonk   •  04/01/2014   • Filed in Dispute Resolution

In the face of antitrust charges, Google’s new guiding principle is “Don’t litigate, negotiate,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

In recent years, U.S. and European regulators have accused Google of abusing its dominance in online searches by promoting its own services, such as Google Shopping, at the expense of its competitors’ services. Rival comparison-sites such … Read More 

Dealing with Difficult People: The Right Way to Regulate Emotion

PON Staff   •  03/27/2014   • Filed in Dispute Resolution

Emotional flooding – when strong, specific, and often negative feelings overwhelm us – poses obvious hazards to negotiators, who need to be able to think clearly when faced with the complex, strategically demanding task of creating and claiming value.

For this reason, emotional regulation can be an essential component of negotiation.

But different types of regulation create … Read More 

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