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Characteristics of Negotiation Styles: Are You Ready to Negotiate?

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Characteristics of Negotiation Styles

“Winging it” is a fine approach to life’s minor decisions, but in negotiation, it can be disastrous. Follow these three preparation steps and improve your agreements.

You set up the contract renegotiation with a key client months ago. You had every intention of gathering a range of information to establish realistic goals and … Read More 

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Role of Negotiation in International Business: The Negotiation Process in China

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With its booming economy and growing international consumer influence, the role of negotiation in international business is more important than ever and negotiation skills appropriate for China are in high-demand. Here are a few negotiation tips to help you successfully navigate your next round of business negotiations in China.

Build relationships but expect to incur obligations … Read More 

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Corporate Stakeholder Engagement and Mineral Extraction in Colombia

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I want to make four simple points regarding corporate stakeholder engagement and mineral extraction in Colombia. I presented these ideas several weeks ago at a Harvard Law School seminar sponsored by the Colombian government. We had senior officials present along with a great many Colombian graduate students studying at Boston-area schools. I think these prescriptions … Read More 

Make the Most of Negotiation Skills Training

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Across the globe, negotiation skills training has become a common activity in managerial life. Organizations often take steps to improve their managers’ negotiation skills and their ability to manage other negotiators by enrolling them in negotiation skills training programs.

Yet often when these managers return to the office, they fail to thoroughly apply the lessons they’ve … Read More 

How Does Mediation Work: The Mediation Process

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Negotiations have reached an impasse, but both sides agree on one thing: you need help resolving the dispute. You engage a neutral mediator to do just that. Rather than acting as a judge who decides who “wins” or “loses,” a third-party mediator assists parties in reaching an agreement.

Negotiators often feel unprepared for mediation. The very … Read More 

Examples of Negotiation in Business: Sunk Costs

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Think about what your house, condominium, or some other valuable asset might be worth in today’s market. Did the price you paid for it affect your answer?

“Ignore sunk costs,” accounting professors and economists tell us. The amount of money and effort we’ve invested in the past, they say, is irrelevant to our future investments. … Read More 

Metaphorical Negotiation and Defining Negotiation Skills

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Negotiators talk about building agreement, bluffing the opposition, and volleying offers back and forth. According to mediator Thomas Smith, careful attention to such metaphors can reveal deeper meaning beneath the explicit words that people use, notably regarding how they view the negotiation process and their relationship to one another.

Metaphors, after all, help us understand the … Read More 

Negotiating Skills and Negotiation Strategies: Emotional Expression at the Bargaining Table

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Most of the existing negotiation research on affect in negotiation has focused on emotional experience rather than on emotional expression.

Yet negotiation studies have shown that emotional expression can occur independently from feelings, making expression worthy of investigation.

Marwan Sinaceur and Larissa Tiedens of Stanford University found that negotiators made more concessions when facing counterparts who expressed … Read More