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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Techniques: Negotiating Conditions

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A married couple was debating whether their four-year-old daughter should attend public or private elementary school. It was a difficult issue, and Mike had a tendency to walk out when the conversation got heated. Frustrated, Lisa turned to negotiating terms and conditions just as a negotiator would in a business deal.

Lisa imposed a condition on … Read More 

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Cross Cultural Negotiations in International Business: Four Negotiation Tips for Bargaining in China

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China is a vast, rapidly changing country bursting with economic opportunity for locals and foreigners alike. Since market reforms began in 1979, real GDP growth has averaged 9% annually. It’s no wonder that American entrepreneurs are traveling to China in droves to open plants, hawk cell phones and cars, and create new partnerships – and … Read More 

Dealmaking in Negotiation: Six Strategies for Creating Value at the Negotiation Table

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Negotiation topics in business: In today’s market, consumers are often the more powerful parties in negotiations with sellers.

To claim the most value in your next haggling experience, use the following six negotiation strategies.

1. Explore your alternatives (and know your best alternative to a negotiated agreement, or BATNA).

Sometimes business negotiation opportunities pop up on the fly, … Read More 

MESO, Negotiation, and Dealing with Difficult People: Make Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Offers to Create Value in Dealmaking

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MESO negotiation, a negotiation strategy for creating value with a counterpart who may be reluctant to negotiate, allows negotiators to propose multiple offers without signaling commitment or preference for any one option. Business negotiators that practice integrative negotiation strategies often complain that although they try to focus on creating value, they run into far too many difficult … Read More 

When to Make the First Offer in Negotiation

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When or when not to make the first offer in negotiations is a question many expert negotiators ask themselves when approaching business negotiations, real estate transactions, or even interpersonal negotiations with friends and family. In this article drawn from negotiation research, we offer negotiating skills and negotiation tips for when, and when not, to make … Read More