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Edward Snowden Tries to Negotiate Around His Bad BATNA

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Can a bad BATNA prevent Edward Snowden from engaging in win-win negotiations with the US government? In this article we examine a negotiation case study involving one of the world’s most prominent advocates for government transparency and his attempts at bridging the gap between himself and the US government. … Read More 

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Characteristics of Negotiation Styles: Are You Ready to Negotiate?

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Characteristics of Negotiation Styles

“Winging it” is a fine approach to life’s minor decisions, but in negotiation, it can be disastrous. Follow these three preparation steps and improve your agreements.

You set up the contract renegotiation with a key client months ago. You had every intention of gathering a range of information to establish realistic goals and … Read More 

Arbitration vs Mediation: Undecided on Your Dispute Resolution Process? Combine Mediation and Arbitration with Med-Arb

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The choice: arbitration vs. mediation. You’re not sure which of two common dispute resolution processes, mediation or arbitration, to use to resolve your conflict. Mediation is appealing because it would allow you to reach a collaborative settlement, but you’re worried it could end in impasse. You know that arbitration would wrap up your dispute conclusively, … Read More 

Win-Win Negotiation with Bethenny Frankel

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In this negotiation scenario straight from reality television, Lu Ann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, and Sonja Morgan test their negotiating prowess against reality tv network Bravo in their contract renewal renegotiations. Skinnygirl mogul and financial whiz kid, Bethenny Frankel, offers a template for bargaining for success on reality tv and beyond. … Read More