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Dealmaking: When You’re Short On Cash, Try Bartering

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Here’s a prime example of negotiator innovation during difficult economic times. Eager to retain its top talent but low on cash, Zurich, Switzerland–based financial-services company Credit Suisse Group included millions of dollars of its own toxic assets in the 2008 bonus packages of its 2,000 top bankers. Typically, investment banks use cash and company stock … Read More 

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Win-Win Negotiations: Trapped in a Competitive Cycle? Learn from Congress’s Mistakes

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The U.S. Senate’s struggle to pass truly bipartisan financial reform reveals ways negotiators can overcome suspicion and enhance cooperation.

Initially, the partnership seemed promising. Senator Christopher Dodd, a Connecticut Democratic, hoped to cap his 29-year congressional career with a bipartisan financial regulation bill. Senator Bob Corker, a freshman Republican from Tennessee and member of Dodd’s Senate … Read More 

How Case Studies Facilitate Negotiated Agreements

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What do a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, the CEO of an international financial advisory firm, and the former United States ambassador to the United Nations have in common? They’ve all received the Great Negotiator Award.
Every year, the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School bestows this prestigious honor on distinguished leaders whose lifelong accomplishments in … Read More 

Capture the Best of Mediation and Arbitration with Med-Arb

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The problem: You’re not sure which of the two most common dispute-resolution processes, mediation or arbitration, to use to resolve your conflict. Mediation is appealing because it would allow you to reach a collaborative settlement, but you’re worried it could end in impasse. You know that arbitration would wrap up your dispute conclusively, but it … Read More 

Dealing with Difficult People: How Snap Judgments Lead Negotiators Astray

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Adapted from, “How Snap Judgments Lead Negotiators Astray,” first published in the February 2011 issue of Negotiation.

New research shows that our stereotypes about other people’s warmth and competence often mar our decisions and behavior.

Think back to the last time you had to choose between two job candidates, assess the pitches of two different salespeople, or … Read More 

How Negotiation Examples Can Help You Become A Better Mediator

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When opposing parties cannot come to a satisfactory resolution, a strong mediator can make all the difference. By effectively examining the issues at hand and helping parties identify creative solutions, a well-trained mediator builds consensus where there once was none.
To help professionals learn the art of mediation, the Program on Negotiation’s Teaching Negotiation Resource Center … Read More