Successful Negotiation Examples: Emotional Intelligence as a Negotiating Skill and Negotiation Tactic

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The concept of emotional intelligence burst into the cultural imagination in 1995 with the publication of psychologist Daniel Goleman’s bestselling book of the same name. Experts have predicted that scoring high on this personality trait would boost one’s bargaining outcomes and have found many successful negotiation examples using emotional intelligence in their research. After all, … Read More 

Why is Negotiation Important in Business? Salary Negotiations and Setting Standards at the Negotiation Table

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Why is negotiation important in business? It is the foundation for a successful business career, no matter what the field, impacting everything from purchasing supplies from vendors to determining compensation for employees. Here are some negotiating skills and negotiation tactics from negotiation examples in real life analyzed by Jeswald Salacuse. … Read More 

Define Negotiation Skills: What Leads to Renegotiation?

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Renegotiations generally are triggered for one of two reasons: an imperfect contract or changed circumstances.

The goal of any written contract is to express the parties’ full understanding of their deal.

Despite lawyers’ belief in their abilities to capture that agreement in writing, in practice they can only achieve that goal imperfectly, for three reasons. … Read More 

Define Dispute Resolution: Understanding Uncertainty, Risk, and Opportunity

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When countries face contending water claims, one of the biggest obstacles to reaching an agreement is uncertainty. Specifically, there are three types of uncertainty: uncertainty of information, uncertainty of action, and uncertainty of perception. In part 2 of this 5 part series, Program on Negotiation faculty member Lawrence Susskind explains the uncertainties facing negotiators trying … Read More