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Contract Negotiations: Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

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When times are tight, contracts are often broken. These days, parties on both sides of sales agreements are struggling to fulfill their promises, and contract workers are having trouble getting paid by their employers.

The result? Damaged relationships, lost business, and lawsuits. When you do manage to find new business partners in this climate, it can … Read More 

Integrative Negotiation Examples and Noncompete Agreements: Negotiating Skills and Negotiation Techniques for Conflict Resolution

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Employers sometimes ask potential employees to agree not to work for their competitors in the future. Don’t assume such requests are nonnegotiable. In the fall of 2010, journalist Christopher Flores was looking for a job in Chicago. As he recounts in a February article in the Chicago Reader, he came across listings for staff writer … Read More 

Examples of Negotiation Situations: Chaos at the Bargaining Table

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Here are some examples of negotiation situations in which chaos at the bargaining table works to the negotiator’s advantage. Whether conducting business negotiations involving commercial transactions or personal negotiations with a friend, the following negotiating skills and negotiation techniques can be used to the negotiator’s advantage at the negotiation table.

Take Thomas Green’s story:

“I’ve learned … Read More 

Negotiation Examples in Real Life: Business Negotiators – How to Mitigate Stress at the Bargaining Table

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Negotiation Examples in Real Life: Haggling, Stress, and the Bargaining Process

Conventional wisdom, not to mention the popularity of no-haggle car buying, suggests that many people anticipate important negotiations with the same dread they reserve for root canals.

Unfortunately, stressed-out negotiators tend to be less effective than their calmer counterparts, according to research by Kathleen O’Connor of … Read More 

BATNA: Negotiation Preparation to Help Avoid Giving Up at the Bargaining Table

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When you expect an opponent to be competitive, your confidence in the outcomes you can achieve in negotiation is likely to plummet.

In negotiation research with Adam Galinsky of Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, negotiators were provided with some background about their counterpart including information on how competitive their counterpart has been in previous negotiations.

This information … Read More 

Negotiation Skills in Business Communication: Heading Off Deception

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In all types of negotiations and across all phases of the process, people can sometimes misrepresent or fail to tell the truth. Individual negotiators lie with the hope of improving their own outcomes. When negotiating his salary with the Cranbury, N.J.–based pharmaceutical marketing firm Carter-Wallace in 1997, Robert Bonczek misrepresented his prior title and salary … Read More 

Negotiation Skills in Business Communication: Status Anxiety

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Negotiation Skills in Business Communication: Campeau Corporation and Federated Department Stores

Sometimes in negotiation we are forced to deal not only with the issues on the table but also with concerns about status.

One famous instance took place in the late 1980s, when Robert Campeau, head of the Campeau Corporation and then one of Fortune magazine’s “50 … Read More 

The Importance of Communication in International Business: Overcoming Cultural Barriers in Dealmaking Negotiations

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Question: Before taking my new job, I had 10 years of successful experience negotiating with suppliers all over the United States. The company I just joined sources materials and components from almost everywhere but the United States. What advice can you give me on negotiating with foreign suppliers? Program on Negotiation faculty member and negotiation … Read More