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Conflict Resolution: Negotiating Noncompete Agreements

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Employers sometimes ask potential employees to agree not to work for their competitors in the future. Don’t assume such requests are nonnegotiable. In the fall of 2010, journalist Christopher Flores was looking for a job in Chicago. As he recounts in a February article in the Chicago Reader, he came across listings for staff writer … Read More 

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A Perspective on the Colombian Peace Process

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Colombia flag

The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and
the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies are pleased to co-present:

A Perspective on the Colombian Peace Process

Dr. Alejandro Ordóñez Maldonado
Inspector General of Colombia
Procurador General  de la Nación
Friday, December 5th
12:00 – 1:00 PM
Milstein East, Wasserstein Hall
Harvard Law School Campus
 Free and open to the public.   Please bring your … Read More 

Fighting For Your Livelihood

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From brokering a deal to negotiating a sale, there are many disputes that happen at work. Among the most challenging are those involving employers and employees. That’s the case with Binder Kadeer: Consultation in the Company, a negotiation exercise brought to you by the Program on Negotiation’s Teaching Resource Center (TNRC). … Read More 

Men, Women, and Status in Negotiations

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A growing body of research suggests that status concerns vary depending on the gender of interested parties.

First, men tend to care more about status than women do. Using a university sponsored fundraising campaign, researchers Bruno S. Frey and Stephan Meier of the University of Zurich examined how social-comparison information affected contribution rates.

Male students … Read More 

Mediation: Sitting Down at the Table

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My team has a big negotiation with a potential supplier coming up, and we’ve decided to meet at our office. What are best practices for arranging the physical space to facilitate a productive negotiation? On one hand, we are the customer; on the other hand, they are the “bigger fish.” … Read More 

The Art of Deal Diplomacy

By Jeswald Salacuse on / Dealmaking

Executives rarely view themselves as diplomats. Rightly or wrongly, diplomacy evokes images of frivolity – days spent wandering exotic capitals, nights spent cruising embassy cocktail parties. Sure, both diplomats and executives negotiate, but an ambassador doesn’t have to worry about protecting the company’s bottom line or losing a deal to a competitor.

Yet it would be … Read More 

Negotiation Skills: What to Share in Negotiation

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The prospect of sharing information with a negotiating counterpart can be scary. Share too much, and the other side might conclude that you’re desperate to make a deal, any deal. There’s also the risk of giving away privileged information that your counterpart could use against you. A careful analysis of the pros and cons of … Read More 

How to Negotiate When You’re Literally Far Apart

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Imagine that you’re the CEO of a sports clothing manufacturer based in Chicago. You recently traveled to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to meet with a distributor who has a rich and diverse network in the European sports market.

During the business trip, you both express enthusiasm about the possibility of a joint venture and agree to give … Read More