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How to Overcome Barriers and Save Your Negotiated Agreement at the Bargaining Table

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On November 20 of last year, Hostess Brands announced that it had failed to reach agreement with its second-biggest union and, as a result, was permanently shutting down its operations.

The news was met with dismay by baby boomers and others who had grown up with the 80-year-old company’s shelf-stable confections. But consumers had been passing … Read More 

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The Two Koreas Practice Conflict Management

By on / Conflict Resolution

In August 2015, the decades-long conflict between South Korea and North Korea threatened to reach a breaking point. The causes of conflict between North and South go deep, but in this case, the South accused the North of planting land mines that seriously injured two South Korean border guards. South Korea retaliated with an old … Read More 

How to Bargain for a Mutually Beneficial Agreement

By on / Win-Win Negotiations

We tend to view job negotiations as battles over a fixed pie of resources: A higher salary for the employee means lower profits for the employer. More vacation time equals lowered productivity, and so on.
But employment negotiations can lead to win-win agreements. If an entrepreneur can’t afford office space, she will benefit from hiring employees … Read More 

Examples of Difficult Situations at Work: Consensus and Negotiated Agreements

By on / Dealing with Difficult People

Intrinsic motivations and decision making often go hand in hand – with an individual’s interests, background, and goals prompting her to choose from an array of options and that choice being implicitly impacted by a constellation of factors specific to her as individual. Knowing this, how do you motivate a negotiator to choose the “best” … Read More