Harvard Magazine Profiles Robert Mnookin, Roger Fisher, and the Program on Negotiation

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The March-April 2004 issue of Harvard Magazine features profiles of Robert Mnookin, Roger Fisher, the teaching of negotiation, and the Program on Negotiation itself in executive editor Christopher Reed’s “Peacemakers.”

The article begins with a look at Prof. Mnookin’s current research on the Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza and the complicating role they will play in any peace agreement between Israel and a Palestinian state. Mnookin’s initiative, titled “Resettling the Settlers: Laying the Foundation,” is in part an effort to foster dialogue on this difficult issue between all parties involved. A first product of the initiative will be a conference at Harvard this fall in which Israeli, Palestinian, American, and European academics and intellectuals can “present ideas relating to the economic, political, psychological, legal, and religious implications of the future of the settlements and settler relocation.”

The author also considers Prof. Mnookin’s professional and academic career, and the circumstances that brought him to the Program on Negotiation.

In addition, the career and accomplishments of Roger Fisher, before and after Getting to Yes, are described in a section titled “Dr. Yes.” Michael Wheeler is featured in a section on the teaching of negotiation called “You Play the Mall Developer.” And the Program on Negotiation and its nine component research projects are described generally in the section “Let’s Make a Deal.”

“Peacemakers” may be

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