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What are Negotiation Topics?

Studying different negotiation topics helps us prepare for the sometimes unpredictable nature of real-life bargaining and negotiation situations.

From business bargaining to tough conversations to sensitive and controversial issues, studying and reviewing a variety of negotiation topics can help us prepare for the issues that may come up at any point in a negotiation. 

For example, though it’s usually beneficial to discuss all relevant issues simultaneously, there are times when quarantining a particularly controversial issue will allow you to make headway—and build trust—on more manageable matters.

Other negotiation topics may trigger your own assumptions and behaviors that can help create and perpetuate negotiation dynamics you desperately want to avoid. In almost all negotiations, however, the issue of fairness is involved. 

Bargaining research has identified three fairness norms that negotiators frequently invoke: equality, equity, and need. Harvard Business School and Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School professor Max Bazerman has found that professional arbitrators relied on a fourth fairness norm: maintaining the status quo

Many organizations resolve conflict by resisting radical change. Your annual raise, for instance, is probably a percentage increase from last year’s salary—the status quo. What if last year’s salary wasn’t fair to begin with? Then the organization has simply institutionalized a past inequity.

In negotiations, you should strive to bring fairness considerations to the surface, so that everyone will understand one another’s needs and wants.

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