Business and Commercial Role-Play:

Technology Equipment Partners

Tracey Brenner, under the supervision of Lawrence Susskind

Two-team, six-party, four-issue negotiation between representatives of two corporations setting up a simultaneous high-tech joint venture and purchasing agreement

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Advanced Sensor Technologies (AST) is a leading manufacturer of chemical sensors. Technology Equipment Partners (TEP) manufactures the type of equipment AST uses to produce its sensors. AST and TEP are meeting to set the terms of a potential joint development and purchasing agreement. Three senior executives from each company will negotiate. They will try to reach agreement on four issues: tool price, order schedule, payment schedule, and intellectual property.



The game is designed to facilitate a discussion of the mutual gains (or joint gains) approach to technology negotiations. However, the debriefing session can be tailored to meet the level of negotiation expertise of the players. Possible debriefing topics include:

  • The basic tenets of the mutual gains approach : prepare, create value, distribute value, and follow through
  • Which technology issues affected the negotiations, and how? For example, you can focus the players on issues such as technological uncertainty, the impact of different levels of technology awareness on negotiation process and outcome, and how the technology context affect the extent to which negotiators can and should prepare, establish alternatives to negotiated agreements, define the rules of the game, elicit objective standards, and focus on agreement compliance.


Participant materials include:

  • General instructions for all participants


Confidential instructions for:

  • AST's Vice-President of Engineering
  • AST's Vice-President of Operations
  • AST's Vice-President of Procurement
  • TEP's Vice-President of Engineering
  • TEP's Vice-President of Business Development
  • TEP's Vice-President of Sales

Technology Equipment Partners Attributes

Time required: 2-3 hours
Number of participants: 6
Teams involved: Yes
Agent present: None
Neutral third party present: None
Scoreable: No
Teaching notes available: Yes