Negotiation Theory and Practice

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The past several years have witnessed a dramatic increase in the study and practice of negotiation. Through our association with Negotiation Journal and the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, we have been privileged to witness, and be part of, this growth process. The collection of edited articles presented here, though by no means exhaustive, reflects the increasing interest in the field and, we hope, serves as a useful “source book” on critical issues in contemporary negotiation scholarship and practice.

Negotiation Theory and Practice has been published for two primary reasons: First, as the editors responsible for the first seven years of Negotiation Journal, we believe that a periodic assessment of the field, as seen through the pages of our journal and other publications, is appropriate. The article presented in this book of readings, in many ways, serve as a barometer of the concerns and challenges of the field. Secondly, the Program on Negotiation has been developing a draft Curriculum for Negotiation and Conflict Management for the last several years. The Curriculum consists of nine modules, each of which is meant to be a free-standing listing of teaching ideas, negotiation exercises, and suggested readings. This book of readings is organized along the same nine topic areas of the Curriculum, and may be used as a supplement to that publication.

Negotiation Theory and Practice Attributes

Author: Edited by J. William Breslin and Jeffrey Z. Rubin
Publisher: Cambridge, MA: PON Books, 1991