Mediation Lecture Video Series


Sarah Cobb and Lawrence Susskind

Three videos featuring guest lecturers from the "Mediation and Other Facilitative Roles in Dispute Resolution" seminar, offered by the Program on Negotiation:


Mediator Responsibility and Accountability in Public Disputes

Lawrence Susskind

  • A discussion of the mediator's responsibility and role in responding ethically. Is mediation manipulation? To what end? Unequal knowledge, unequal power and unequal skills are also discussed. (49 minutes)


Politics of Discourse in Mediation

Sara Cobb

  • This video explores managing the political dimensions of mediation as well as how language constructs reality. The need for clarifying interest and perceptions is discussed in this video. (37 minutes)


Negotiation and Mediation Practice in Public Decision Making

Lawrence Susskind

  • This video covers dealing with deadlocks, pre-negotiation, negotiation, and post-negotiation practice in public decision making. (46 minutes – Not available in PAL format)

Mediation Lecture Video Series Attributes

Time required: 30 minutes - 1 hour
Teaching notes available: No
Produced by: Professors Sara Cobb and Lawrence Susskind