Listening and Interviewing Exercise


Wayne H. Davis, based on an idea by Debby Lanstaff

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In any negotiation, it is helpful to have some information about the people with whom one is dealing. Who are they? What are their backgrounds? It is important to be skillful in asking questions and listening actively to responses. The purpose of this exercise is to give participants an opportunity to practice interviewing and listening skills while getting to know one another as people, beyond their roles in business or school



Developing good working relationships with one's colleagues can lay the groundwork for dealing effectively with differences when they arise.

The instructor can promote class discussion and analysis of effective listening and interviewing techniques by asking questions such as, "When did you find it easiest to listen to your partner?" and "What might you do in the future to make sure that you have been heard correctly?"

Listening and Interviewing Exercise Attributes

Authors: Wayne H. Davis, based on an idea by Debby Lanstaff
Publisher: Program on Negotiation
Non-English version available: German, Spanish