When Spider Webs Unite: Five Case Studies of the Third Side in Action

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When Spider Webs Unite is the next work in the evolution of William Ury’s “Third Side” concept. Through a series of case studies, the book illustrates how the “Third Side” becomes operationalized in actual conflict situations.

The five case studies, written by Program on Negotiation Graduate Fellows, represent a wide range of conflicts: Native American land claim disputes in upstate New York in the late 1990s, a management buyout conflict during German reunification and the privatization of former East German companies, collective resistance in Tuzla during the 1991-95 Balkan war, a health care access crisis in Peru during the mid-1990s, and the 1994 US-North Korea nuclear standoff. The case studies shed light on the obstacles and barriers to the emergence of the Third Side as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the concept. The book concludes with a summary of “Third Side” lessons and thoughts for future research.

See also: William L. Ury, The Third Side: Why We Fight and How We Can Stop (New York: Penguin, 2000).

When Spider Webs Unite: Five Case Studies of the Third Side in Action Attributes

Author: Joshua N. Weiss, Brian Blancke, Bianca Wulff, Rebecca J. Wolfe, Mark Young, and Chang In Shin
Publisher: Cambridge, MA: PON Books 2002