Labor Relations Role-Play:

Telemachus Technology

Ellen Waxman and George Maxe

Three-party intra-organizational negotiation among mentor, mentee, and mentee's manager regarding an upcoming meeting that touches on diversity, communication, and mentorship issues

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Telemachus Technology is a non-scoreable, three-party negotiation exercise set in a high technology business context. The simulation involves an African-American female compute consultant, her white male manager, and her white male assigned mentor. The three are meeting to discuss the consultant's role in an upcoming presentation to a large corporate client.

This exercise requires the participants to negotiate a solution to a business problem within the context of an ill-defined mentorship program and complex working relationships involving supervisors and direct reports. It raises a range of issues around workplace diversity (including identity and communication), integrative negotiation, and negotiation within a line of supervision.


Teacher's Pack includes:

  • General Instructions


Confidential Instructions for:

  • Shataya Davis (Mentee)
  • Bill Meese (Mentor)
  • Jack Youngblood (Manager)
  • Teaching Note

Telemachus Technology Attributes

Time required: 1-2 hours
Number of participants: 3
Teams involved: No
Agent present: None
Neutral third party present: None
Scoreable: No
Teaching notes available: Yes