Papers on International Environmental Negotiation, Volume 12 Negotiating a Sustainable Future: Innovations in International Environmental Negotiations


William R. Moomaw, Lawrence E. Susskind, and Kristen Kurczak


This twelfth volume in the PON series on international environmental negotiation moves into new areas not addressed in previous volumes. The task of negotiating international environmental agreements that are truly sustainable took on a new shape in the aftermath of the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2002. The strongest outcome from that meeting was a call for agreements among governments, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations. While this is not an easy shift to make, the papers in this volume suggest that there are additional permutations and combinations of potential partners and strategies that can create new opportunities for sustainable agreements.


This volume includes:

Section One: Regional Strategies for Treaty Making

  • "Negotiating Regional Bio-Issues or Conservation: Access and Benefit Sharing of Bioresources in the Himalayan Region of South Asia," Ananda M. Bhattarai
  • "The Regional Treaty Making Approach Toward Environmental Democracy," Dong-Young Kim


Section Two: Incorporating New Actors Into Negotiations

  • "Protecting Traditional Knowledge Through a Multi-Stakeholder Agreement & Network of Indigenous-Run Focal Points
  • "United Nations Treaty Facilitators: A Proposal to Improve Environmental Treaty Making," Alexis Gensberg
  • "A Corporate-NGO Agreement to Spur Innovation in Vehicle Fuel Economy," Sean M. Becker


Section Three: Utilizing Existing Tools More Effectively

  • "The Usability of Science Advice to International Environmental Conventions," Pia M. Kohler
  • "Leadership: Redefining the Role of Global Environmental Secretariats," Armando Yanez Sandoval
  • "Evaluation and Improvement of the Multilateral Environmental Reporting System," Kellyn Roth


Section Four: New Tools for Designing Treaties

  • "The Contingent Agreement Approach to the Negotiation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements," Peter H. Israelsson
  • "Operationalizing the Precautionary Principle: Adopting of an Early Warnings – Early Action System," Ami R. Zota