Getting Ready to Negotiate The Getting to YES Workbook

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The companion volume to Getting to Yes — an essential, easy-to-use workbook on effective negotiating.

Getting Ready to Negotiate

  • The first workbook to illustrate the process described in the extraordinary bestseller, Getting to Yes.
  • Designed to help the beginner as well as the seasoned pro prepare for every type of negotiation.
  • Use the book as a refresher course on negotiating or as a simple problem-solving tool.
  • Packed with forms, examples, and clear explanations of the seven key points to any successful negotiation.


Every day we are confronted with negotiations on both personal and business levels: negotiating a raise, purchasing a new car, settling a dispute with a neighbor or family member, or sealing a deal at work. Based on the philosophy and advice presented in Getting to Yes — be prepared, negotiate interests not positions, understand the other side's interests, and work together-this is the tool that will help each person design the negotiating strategy that is best for him or her in any given situation. Getting Ready to Negotiate presents case studies, charts, and forms for blueprinting a personalized negotiating strategy, one that is certain to make negotiating situations more productive and profitable.


Getting Ready to Negotiate Attributes

Author: Roger Fisher and Danny Ertel
Publisher: New York, NY: Penguin Books, 1995