Samuel “Mooly” Dinnar

Samuel (Mooly) Dinnar is an instructor for the Harvard Negotiation Institute, a strategic negotiation advisor for Meedance and an experienced mediator of high-stakes complex business disputes, with more than 25 years of international experience as an entrepreneur, executive, board member and venture capital investor.

Dinnar is strategic negotiation advisor and an experienced mediator specializing in high-stakes complex commercial disputes. He helps resolve highly emotional business conflicts involving founders, investors, and board members in early-stage, high-growth or distressed companies. His facilitation skills also help solve multiparty disputes and consensus-building inter-personal challenges in various organizational and not-for-profit situations. Dinnar is an instructor at the Program On Negotiation and has been a faculty contributor to the development and delivery of two Harvard Negotiation Institute offerings: Mediating Disputes with Prof. Mnookin, Friedman and Curtis (since 2012) and Advanced Mediation with Prof. Hoffman and Susskind (since 2015).

Dinnar is also a board member of technology start-ups and non-profits, and founder of several companies and organizations. His leadership at Meedance provides value add executive and venture strategy consulting to businesses, investors, nonprofits and individuals in various domains including hi-tech, software, consumer products, medical devices and biotechnology. To these Dinnar brings a proven 25 –year track-record of international entrepreneurship, venture capital investing, and general management (including two start-ups that revolutionized their industry) based on an academic foundation with technical degrees in both aerospace engineering and computer sciences from the Technion, and PMD business management from the Harvard Business School. Dinnar was born in Boston, resides in Lexington, MA, lived and worked in Europe and Israel for many years, and gained invaluable experience dealing across various continents and cultures. See


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  • Prof. Dinnar–

    Hello, my name is Rob Toth, and I’m an editor with the Wall Street Journal, overseeing the paper’s special reports on small business. I’d like to ask about your research into the mistakes that entrepreneurs make when they negotiate. Why are the negatives that you identify (self-centered, overly optimistic, putting too much emphasis on short-term winning, quickly compromising, working alone, haggling, relying on intuition and denying emotions) so prevalent among entrepreneurs versus businesspeople as a whole, or any group of people as a whole? What are the particular characteristics that push entrepreneurs toward these mistakes?

    Thank you for your time!

    All the best,


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