Erica Fox

Erica Ariel Fox is a Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School and the President of Mobius Executive Leadership. She is a founding member of the Global Network for Negotiation Insight Exchange, GNNIE, or “genie”, which began at PON as the Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative.  Over many years of teaching negotiation at Harvard Law School and for professionals around the world, Erica developed the Beyond Yes Method.  Beyond Yes teaches people to negotiate effectively with themselves in order to deal successfully with other people. Erica focuses on negotiation skills for leaders in three main areas: corporate education, individual development, and the common good.

Erica is internationally-recognized as a thought leader for articulating the deeply human aspects of negotiation and leadership, and then turning them into best practices.  Her passion is to help people see how to get out of their own way in order to get the relationships and the results they really want. Erica’s research combines timeless wisdom, depth psychology, neuroscience, and contemplative practices with the best problem-solving advice.  This creates leading-edge frameworks for negotiating complex problems, whether in leading organizations or succeeding in the negotiations of daily life.

Erica spent ten years working closely with PON, facilitating in what is now called the Harvard Negotiation Institute (HNI).  She has also taught the PON Seminar, and run the HNII Summer Learning Forum.  Today her work with the deeper dimensions of negotiation takes her to Fortune 500 companies around the world, with a focus on helping senior executives at global professional services firms to develop their leadership capabilities.  Erica lives part-time outside of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and part-time outside of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Courses Taught:

Negotiation Workshop, Harvard Law School

Research Interests: The Negotiation Within; Negotiation Skills for Leaders

Select Publications:

Beyond Yes: Negotiating Your Leadership and Your Life, forthcoming

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