Alain Lempereur, PON Executive Committee

Alain Lempereur is the Alan B. Slifka Professor at Brandeis University, and the director of the Masters’ Programs in Coexistence and Conflict at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, where he was also a visiting professor. One of his books The First Move. A Negotiator’s Companion has been published in several languages. Recently, the Financial Times designated him “Professor of the Week” for his academic contribution. His current research is devoted to responsible negotiation.

Mediator in conflicts and negotiation expert, he develops worldwide programs of research, consulting, and executive education on responsible leadership and negotiation. He advises international organizations, such as the EU, NATO, OECD, UNDP, UNITAR, and WHO. Negotiation pioneer in Europe, he founded the academic institute Irene, which he led as its first director (1995-2008); he then became the ESSEC Negotiation and Mediation Chair Professor. He designed and led training programs for many universities and graduate schools (CIIM, Centrale Paris, ENA, ENPC, ESSEC Exec Ed, EuroMed, Lebanese University, Lotus University at Ho Chi Minh City, and the Universities of Brussels, Corsica, Mannheim, Mons, and Paris). He also advises consulting firms, like the Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey, as well as international corporations.

Through the Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, he facilitated reconciliation and leadership programs in Africa, like in Burundi (2003-2007) and in the D.R. Congo (2006-2009).  In 2003, he initiated the Negotiators of the World programs and in 2004, developed the negotiation curriculum for the European Commission. He belongs to the UN mediators’ network, and also moderated local and global meetings for the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (2009-2011).

Professor Lempereur received his M.Phil. and his M.Law from the University of Brussels and his S.J.D. from Harvard Law School. He was a Frank Boas Fellow, a Fulbright Fellow and a Fellow from the 21st Century Trust.

Alain, and his wife, Michele Pekar, have three children, Daria, Henri and Emery.

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Courses Taught: Responsible Negotiation: (1) The Fundamentals & (2) Advanced (2011) – Responsible Leadership (2012) Coexistence and Conflict (2013)

Research Interests: Responsible Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Coexistence, Reconciliation, Mediation, Peace-building, Leadership, Philosophy of Law, Questioning

Selected Publications:

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