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The PON Film Series is a forum for discussing negotiation theory and practice through the analysis of conflicts depicted in documentary or feature films. The Film Series also presents and honors filmmakers whose films increase our understanding of negotiation and conflict transformation.

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The Gates

PON Staff   •  04/21/2008   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

In 1979, artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude proposed one of the largest public art installations in history: a “golden river” of 7,503 fabric-paneled gates in Central Park. Transcending controversy, it was finally completed in 2005. Antonio Ferrera and Albert Maysles’ film chronicles the artists’ 26-year commitment to transform the winter darkness of the park into a … Read The Gates 

Orange Revolution

PON Staff   •  04/01/2008   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

On November 22, 2004 in the Ukraine the regime-controlled media claimed victory for Viktor Yanukovych, handpicked by the corrupt sitting president. But credible exit polls showed Viktor Yushchenko, the opposition candidate, had won. It was shocking enough that Yushchenko had been poisoned — and nearly killed– while on the campaign trail. When reports came in … Read Orange Revolution 

Confronting the Truth

PON Staff   •  02/28/2008   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

Free admission, pizza and drinks.

Confronting the Truth shows how countries that have experienced massive human rights violations created official, independent bodies known as truth commissions. Since 1983, truth commissions have been established in over 20 countries, in all parts of the world. Confronting the Truth documents the work of truth commissions in South Africa, Peru, … Read Confronting the Truth 

Unsettled: A Documentary

PON Staff   •  02/25/2008   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

UNSETTLED is a prizewinning documentary about the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the resulting conflict between Israelis who supported the exit and the Gaza settlers who didn’t want to leave. The film juxtaposes interviews with young activists with footage of the withdrawal process. Powerful scenes unfold as soldiers do their best to exercise … Read Unsettled: A Documentary 

For The Bible Tells Me So

PON Staff   •  11/13/2007   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

Can the love between two people ever be an abomination? Is the chasm separating gays and lesbians and Christianity too wide to cross? Is the Bible an excuse to hate?

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Seattle International Film Festival, Dan Karslake’s provocative, entertaining documentary brilliantly reconciles homosexuality and Biblical scripture, and … Read For The Bible Tells Me So 

The Insider

PON Staff   •  10/31/2007   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

Join us for the true story of tobacco industry whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigand, the former head of development at the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co., who went public on CBS-TV’s 60 Minutes as an industry informant. 60 Minutes producer Lowell Bergman championed Wigand’s cause and after many obstacles managed to have the segment aired. The relationship … Read The Insider 

The Siege of Bethlehem

PON Staff   •  09/20/2007   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

Step inside the secret negotiations, strategies and maneuvers between Israelis and Palestinians during the deadly 38-day standoff at the Church of the Nativity. The Siege of Bethlehem shows exclusive footage of both the Israeli chief negotiators at work outside the church and the armed Palestinians pent up inside, and offers a rare, close-up look at … Read The Siege of Bethlehem 

Erin Brockovich

PON Staff   •  04/18/2007   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

Please join the Program on Negotiation for a screening of Erin Brockovich, a film based on the true story of a woman and her first fight against the West Coast energy giant PG&E.

Film and discussion with Harvard Business School Professor Max Bazerman

Professor Bazerman, Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and … Read Erin Brockovich 

Lago Raho Munna Bhai

PON Staff   •  04/03/2007   •  Filed in Events, Negotiation and Nonviolent Action, PON Film Series

Film and discussion with Adil Najam, Associate Professor, Fletcher School at Tufts University

Please join the Program on Negotiation for a screening of Lage Raho Munna Bhai, one of Bollywood’s greatest hits!

Life is great for Munnabhai, our lovable protagonist. His business is flourishing, and he is in love with the voice of popular radio jockey Jhanvi. … Read Lago Raho Munna Bhai 

Bringing Down a Dictator

PON Staff   •  02/15/2007   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

Film and discussion with Eileen Babbitt, Professor, Fletcher School at Tufts University

In the year 2000, in a war barely noticed outside Yugoslavia, the indicted war criminal Slobodan Milosevic fought to hold onto power. He controlled a battle-hardened army, a tough police force, and most of the news media. But he underestimated his opponents, led by … Read Bringing Down a Dictator 

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