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The PON Film Series is a forum for discussing negotiation theory and practice through the analysis of conflicts depicted in documentary or feature films. The Film Series also presents and honors filmmakers whose films increase our understanding of negotiation and conflict transformation.

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Using The Fire Next Time as a Tool for Public Engagement

PON Staff   •  04/21/2005   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

PON Film Series Special Roundtable Discussion with Patrice O’Neill and Pam Calvert of The Working Group

Join PON and The Working Group, producers of the new PBS documentary The Fire Next Time, for an in-depth conversation about issues of polarization, breakdown of civil discourse, conflicts arising from rapid growth and change, and the role of extremist … Learn More About This Program 

The Fire Next Time

PON Staff   •  04/20/2005   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

Film and Discussion with:
Lawrence Susskind, MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program
Patrice O’Neill
Pam Calvert, The Working Group

THE FIRE NEXT TIME chronicles two years in the life of a dangerously divided town in Northwest Montana where hate and intolerance manifest themselves in a community polarized by rapid change, economic displacement and environmental issues.

Following the film, MIT and HLS Visiting … Read The Fire Next Time 

Family Fundamentals

PON Staff   •  04/11/2005   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

Film and Discussion with Bob Bordone, HLS Lecturer

What happens when religiously conservative Christian parents have children who reveal they are gay?

Family Fundamentals attempts to answer that explosive question by taking viewers into the private and public lives of three families who have responded to gay offspring by actively opposing homosexuality.

HLS Lecturer Bob Bordone will facilitate … Read Family Fundamentals 

Taliban Country

PON Staff   •  02/08/2005   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

The Program on Negotiation, The Harvard Law School Advocates for Human Rights, The Harvard Muslim Law Students Association, and The Harvard Law School Human Rights Program

Film and Discussion with:

Carmela Baranowska,
Habib Rahiab,
and Charles Norchi

See the award-winning TALIBAN COUNTRY, a 45-minute documentary about rural Afghanistan under the rule of US troops and local warlords, and join Australian … Read Taliban Country 

Iran: Veiled Appearances

PON Staff   •  02/01/2005   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

The Program on Negotiation joins The Harvard Law School Human Rights Program in presenting:

Iran: Veiled Appearances is a revealing portrait of a country on the eve of transition. This documentary attempts to uncover the reality behind the pervasive stereotypes that define the country in the West.

After the film, PON Visiting Scholar Nicolas Rofougaran will lead … Read Iran: Veiled Appearances 

Hotel Rwanda

PON Staff   •  12/09/2004   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

Hotel Rwanda is the true story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager in Rwanda who saved over 1200 people in the face of unspeakable actions that led to the deaths of over one million in only three months.

Antonia Chayes, Visiting Professor of International Policy and Law at the Fletcher School at Tufts, will lead a … Read Hotel Rwanda 

The Battle of Algiers

PON Staff   •  11/17/2004   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

Film followed by a discussion with:

Susan Hackley
Managing Director
Program on Negotiation

Jim Cavallaro
Associate Director
Human Rights Program

The Battle of Algiers, one of the most influential political films of all time, vividly depicts the Algerian struggle for independence from French colonial rule. The film portrays deadly attacks and counter-attacks and raises important questions about combating terrorism today.

Following the Film
Program … Read The Battle of Algiers 

Mambo Italiano

PON Staff   •  10/07/2004   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

The Program on Negotiation Film Series Joins Harvard Law School LAMBDA in Presenting…

An aspiring Canadian TV show writer decides to move in with his cop boyfriend and struggles to find the best way to tell his Italian immigrant parents he’s gay.

Following the Film
Robert Bordone, Thaddeus R. Beal Lecturer on Law and Deputy Director of the … Read Mambo Italiano 

The Last Just Man

PON Staff   •  04/20/2004   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

Film and Discussion with Lt.-Gen. (Ret.) Romeo Dallaire
Former Force Commander, United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda

In 1994, 800,000 Rwandans were killed in just 100 days. Canadian General Romeo Dallaire, in Rwanda to put into place a peacekeeping force to ensure calm in a country in which a peace treaty between warring tribes had just been … Read The Last Just Man 

PON Film Series: An Unreliable Witness

PON Staff   •  03/18/2004   •  Filed in Events, PON Film Series

The Program on Negotiation Film Series Presents…


Film and Discussion with

Michael McHugh

Don Mullan
Author, Eyewitness Bloody Sunday

Thursday, March 18
Langdell North
Harvard Law School
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Free Admission and Refreshments

An Unreliable Witness is a documentary that follows British journalist David Tereshchuk as he travels to Derry, Northern Ireland, to give testimony before the Saville Inquiry investigating the events … Read PON Film Series: An Unreliable Witness 

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