Announcing the Winter 2013 Next Generation Grant Awardees

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Twice yearly the Program on Negotiation runs the Next Generation Grant program, which supports research in negotiation and conflict resolution by non-tenured faculty and doctoral students.

We wish to announce our latest grant awardees:

Netta Barak-Corren
Harvard Law School
Research project: “Compliance or Deviance, That is the Question: What Underlies Judgment and Choice in Normative Conflicts between Law and Religion?”

Michael Baskin
Tufts Fletcher School
Research project: “Talking and Shooting: Multilateral Negotiations in Armed Conflict”

Christine Ma
Harvard Kennedy School
Research project: “Culture and Contextual Moderators of Emotion vs. Cognition-based De-escalation Strategies”

Aditi Mehta
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research project: “Brainstorming and Idea Generation in Diverse Groups: To Criticize or Not?”

Maliheh Paryavi
Harvard University

Bruno Verdini
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research project: “United States–Mexico Water and Energy Negotiations”


For more information on the grants, please visit the Next Generation Grant page.

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