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RSS Reader RSS What is RSS? Do you have a group of your online favorite sites which visit you frequently in order to keep up with the latest information? Do you rarely have time to visit all these sites? With the RSS feeds of PON you can quickly see the newest [get_lang item=”_LC_TIPS”] eaisly with your RSS reader.

Really Simple Syndication, RSS, consolidates headlines and summaries from many of your favorite web sites saving you time by eliminating the need to go to each web site individually. RSS uses a special type of reader to display these consolidated headlines. When you are on any of your favorite web sites and want add the headlines to your RSS reader, just look for the RSS RSS symbol to see if they participate.

When you have found the RSS symbol, follow the RSS link and you’ll see various feeds that you can add to your RSS reader. Instructions for adding the feed to your RSS service may differ from site to site so you will want to read the directions and follow the instructions given to you. And best of all, most sites offer this service for free.

After you have added these headlines and summaries to to your RSS reader, all you need to do is go to your RSS reader to see your headlines. When you find a story you like, you can click on the headline and it will take you to that site to see the full story.

While there are many RSS readers available, Google’s RSS reader is easy to set up and easy to use. Follow the simple steps below to create your RSS account right now with Google!

Subscribe to Google’s RSS Reader

  1. Go to Google RSS Reader and create your free account.
  2. After you have created your account, you should be directed to this page where you can get a complete tutorial for getting the most from your Google RSS Reader.

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