Papers on International Environmental Negotiation, Volume 07 Global Environment: Negotiating Its Future



The seventh in the International Environmental Paper Series is divided into three sections. The first proposes global agreements which can be reached in the areas of nitrogen emissions, "common heritage" resources, and the development of renewable energy technologies.

The second section proposes two separate environmental management plans that share in common some important principles: the emphasis of citizen and NGO participation, and the importance of regional economic development.

The final section of this volume includes four papers that address some promising opportunities and problematic issues in making large-scale environmental agreements work at the global and regional levels.


The papers contained in this volume are:

  • "Defining the 'Common Heritage of Mankind,'" by Ari Nathan
  • "The Global Nitrogen Initiative: An Opportunity for Sustainable Development and Global Change," by James Perkaus
  • "Global Treaty on Renewable Energy," by Frederic A. Beck
  • "The Role of Environmental Protection in Sub-Regional Economic Integration: The Case of Hidrovia and Mercosur," by Luka A. Ney
  • "Reducing the Environmental Impact of Freight Transport: A Strategy for Europe," by Theresa Glasmacher
  • "Eastern European NGOs in Regional Environmental Negotiations: Emerging Information Technologies as a Critical Success Factor," by Matthias Baxman
  • "Decentralizing the Global Environmental Facility to Improve Its Performance," by Ximena Rueda
  • "Science and Economics in Climate Change and Other International Environmental Negotiations," by Peter Zapfel
  • "A Review of Joint-Implementation: Common Commitments, Different Burdens," by Hae-Wook (Howard) Cheong