Papers on International Environmental Negotiation, Volume 06 Innovations in International Environmental Negotiation


Lawrence E. Susskind, William Moomaw, and Teresa L. Hill


This book, sixth in the Environmental Paper Series, addresses trans-boundary environmental issues. The volume is divided into two sections: the first group deals with examples of conflict resolutions within the "Global Commons," while the second group addresses regional and global agreements for the management of these conflict resolution dilemmas.


The papers contained in this volume are:

  • "A Trade Co-Operative for Global Foresty Management," by Wei-Jen Leow
  • "Conservation Measures for Trans-boundary Fish Stocks Within Exclusive National Economic Zones," by Lada Emelianova
  • "Greening APEC: Institutional Reform for Establishing a 'Regional Sustainable Development Area'," by Hattori Takahashi
  • "Bridging the Intellectual Property Debate: Methods for Facilitating Technology Transfers in Environmental Treaties," by Jamie Henikoff
  • "Alternatives for Linking Trade and Transfe or Environmentally Sound Technologies," by Hans Michael Plut
  • "Fine-Tuning the GEF," by Christine Maurer-Voss
  • "Expertise and the Convention to Combat Desertification," by Marybeth Long
  • "A Proposal for an Environmental Right-to-Know Convention: Negotiating the Barriers," by John Harrison
  • "All Commons are Local: The Antarctic Treaty System as a Regional Model for Effective Environmental Management," by Gianfranco Corti
  • "Enforcing International Environmental Treaties in Domestic Legal Systems," by David Bowker and Michael Castellano
  • "Facilitating Sustainable Development: Rethinking the Role of the UNSCD," by Jason Corburn
  • "Implementation of Global Environmental Treaties: The role of Coordinated Corporate Action," by Jennifer Howard
  • "Renegades and Vigilantes in Multilateral Environmental Regimes: Lessons of the Canada-EU 'Turbot War,'" by Stepan Wood