Papers on International Environmental Negotiation, Volume 05


William R. Moomaw, Lawrence E. Susskind, and Janet L. Sawin, eds.


This is the fifth volume in a series to address trans-boundary and global commons environment and resource problems. The chapters in this volume  were written and presented by students in a graduate seminar on International Environmental Negotiation offered jointly by the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning. The proposals presented in these annual collections of essays are designed to improve the negotiation process and the substantive outcomes of existing and future environmental agreements.

The ten chapters in this volume address five broad themes: negotiating and implementing agreements, technology transfer and trade, hazardous materials, refugess and the environment, and conserving biological diversity.


The chapter titles and authors are as follows:

  • "Negotiating Bolder International Environmental Treaties: Using Parallel Informal Meetings to Improve Outcomes," by John P. Glyphis
  • "Voluntary Codes of Management: New Opportunities for Increased Corporate Accountability," by Anne M. Gelfand
  • "Environmental Monitoring and Remote Sensing," by Robert Faris
  • "Joint Implementation: Crafting a Viable Strategy for North-South Cooperation," by Kare Lei-Chen Khor
  • "Current Options for Facilitating the Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies," by Lorene Flaming
  • "Unilateral Trade Related Environmental Measures and the World Trade Organization," by Susana Hernandez
  • "An International Regime for the Transport and Management of Nuclear Waste," by Renan Poveda
  • "A Framework Convention to Prohibit the Export of Banned and Canceled Pesticides from Developed to Developing Countries," by Tanya J. Nunn
  • "The Impact of Refugees on the Environment," by Yvonne Agyei
  • "Conserving Biodiversity: A Reformed CITES in an Integrated Approach," by Melissa Etheridge