Papers on International Environmental Negotiation, Volume 03


Lawrence Susskind, William R. Moomaw, and Adil Najam, eds.


This volume is a preliminary sketch of how multilateral institutions may be crafted to better manage the environmental resources and systems of our planet. Prescriptive in nature, they search for ways to capitalize on the gains of the 1992 UNCED (United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development) and to ensure that its mistakes are not repeated.


This volume includes:

  • "Environmental Nongovernmental Organizations at Intergovernmental Negotiations," by Vanessa M. McMahon
  • "Computer Networks and UNCED: Did They Really Increase Participation by Nongovernmental Organizations?" by Nancy Gabriel
  • "Free Trade, Fair Trade, and Environmental Treaty Making," by Andrew Winden and Amy. E. Matza
  • "Integrating Environment and Trade: UNEP as an Observer of the GATT," by Ameen Jan
  • "International Environmental Mandates to MDBs: Bridging the Gap Between Objectives and Performance," by David Fairman and Tamar Gutner
  • "GEF: A Global Environmental Opportunity or Green Rhetoric," by Daniele Guidi, William Conklin and Agueda de Areilza
  • "Overcoming Barriers to Successful Technology Sharing: New Roles for GEF," by Janet L. Sawin with Timothy K. Roorda
  • "The European Community: Regional Economic Integration and Its Implications for International Environmental Negotiations," by Daniel von Moltke and Ilze Gotelli
  • "International Environmental Negotiation: A Strategy for the South," by Adil Najam
  • "Mediating Environmental Treaty Disputes and the International Court of Justice," by Theodore A. Johnson