Interdisciplinary Handbook of Dispute Resolution

Dr. Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio (Editor)

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Over the last three decades, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has developed into a widely accepted field of study and practice. Interdisciplinary Handbook of Dispute Resolution reflects the diversity of disciplines and the ties between disciplines studying ADR, as well as the bidirectional relationship between ADR theory and practice. It challenges the legal community’s existing understanding of and its relationship to ADR concepts, subject matter, and even its methods.

More than 50 authors contributed to this book, including leading academics and practitioners in the field of ADR from both the English and French speaking world. This edited volume covers, among other things, the interdisciplinary foundations of ADR, the legal and strategic aspects of ADR, the relationship between ADR and organizational studies, the role of lawyers in ADR, and the various modern applications of mediation and arbitration in business and international diplomacy.

What people say:

“Considerable! Considerable is the word for the collective work “Interdisciplinary Handbook of Dispute Resolution”, considerable for its scale, considerable for its ambition, and considerable for its potential.”
– Guy Canivet, Member of the Constitutional Court & Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (France)

Interdisciplinary Handbook of Dispute Resolution Attributes

Editor: Dr. Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio
Publisher: Larcier (2015)