Getting Together Building Relationships as We Negotiate

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Expanding on the principles, insights, and wisdom that made Getting to Yes a worldwide bestseller, Roger Fisher and Scott Brown offer a straightforward approach to creating relationships that can deal with difficulties as they arise. Getting Together takes you step-by-step through initiating, negotiating, and sustaining enduring relationships-in business, in government, between friends, and in the family.


The Steps:
Rationality – Balance emotion with reason.
Understanding – Learn how others see things.
Communication – Always consult before deciding . . . and listen
Reliability – Be wholly trustworthy, but not wholly trusting.
Persuasion, not coercion – Negotiate side by side.
Acceptance – Deal seriously with those with whom you differ.


"This is the last best word on Resolving Differences." – John Kenneth Galbraith


"Any reader will learn a lot from this book. . . . The authors do indeed tell us, as they promise they will, what each of us can do to make a relationship work better." – Harvard Law Bulletin


"The best hardheaded practical advice I have ever seen for making a working relationship succeed." – Elliot Richardson

Getting Together Attributes

Author: Roger Fisher and Scott Brown
Publisher: New York, NY: Penguin Books, 1989