Barriers to Conflict Resolution

When does it pay for parties to a dispute to cooperate, and when to compete? How can third-party negotiators further resolutions and avoid the pitfalls that deepen the division between antagonists? Offering answers to these and related questions, this book is a comprehensive guide to the latest understanding of ways to resolve human conflict.

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Drawing on such diverse but related disciplines as economics, cognitive psychology, statistics, and game and decision-making theory, this book considers the barriers to successful negotiation in such areas as civil litigation, family law, arms control, labor management disputes, environmental treaty making, and politics.

Barriers to Conflict Resolution Attributes

Author: Stanford Center on Conflict and NegotiationRobert MnookinKenneth J. ArrowLee RossAmos TverskyRobert B. Wilson
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company (February 10, 1995)