The Settlements Project

The Settlements Project is a unique, track II negotiation research project run by PON Executive Committee Chair Robert H. Mnookin and PON-affiliate Dr. Ehud Eiran. Their research has focused on the internal disputes surrounding settlement construction in the West Bank and Gaza, with a particular emphasis on Israeli and international legal aspects of relocation legislation. This project continues Mnookin’s cutting-edge research into the internal disputes on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides and how these divisions have continually been major barriers to breakthroughs during actual negotiations between the two.

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HLS Conference Examines Israeli Settlements

PON Staff   •  10/06/2011   •  Filed in Middle East Negotiation Initiatives, The Settlements Project

In October 2004, Professor Robert Mnookin and PON’s Harvard Negotiation Research Project co-hosted, along with the Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, a major academic conference on the question of the West Bank and Gaza Settlements. Titled “Past, Present, and Future of the Jewish West Bank and Gaza … Read HLS Conference Examines Israeli Settlements

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