MENI History and Background

The Program on Negotiation has a long tradition of focusing its efforts on the Middle East. The Program on Negotiation has been actively engaged since the 1970’s at a high level on important issues of Middle East peace, and have brought their ground-breaking scholarship and intellectual ideas of negotiation strategy and practice to policy circles, aiding the United States and other governments, as well as nongovernmental actors, in their quest to resolve lingering disputes in the region. While the many complex challenges in the Middle East have evolved over time, PON’s dedication to the region remains unchanged.

The extensive list of MENI Faculty Affiliates includes Robert Mnookin, James Sebenius, Lawrence E. Susskind, Eileen F. Babbitt, Greg Barron, Gabriella Blum, Robert C. Bordone, Hannah Riley Bowles, Diana Buttu, Ehud (Udi) Eiran, Marshall Ganz, Shula Gilad, Roger Fisher, Susan Hackley, Herbert C. Kelman, David Lax, Brian S. Mandell, Arthur Martirosyan, David Matz, Bruce Patton, Howard Raiffa, Daniel Shapiro, Ofer Sharone, Doug Stone, Shai Feldman, Mark Gordon, William L. Ury, and Josh Weiss.


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