emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence as a Negotiating Skill

| | Negotiation Skills

The concept of emotional intelligence burst into the cultural imagination in 1995 with the publication of psychologist Daniel Goleman’s bestselling book of the same name. Experts have … Read Emotional Intelligence as a Negotiating Skill


Conflict Negotiation Strategies: When Do Employees Choose to Negotiate?

| | Dispute Resolution

How does the desire to negotiate stack up against other workplace decision-making procedures? Negotiation seems to be the preferred decision-making mechanism when employees are seeking individually tailored … Read This Post

win-win negotiation

For NFL Players, a Win-Win Negotiation Contract Only in Retrospect?

| | Win-Win Negotiations

How did the NFL Players association and team owners come to an eventual win-win negotiated agreement? In this article we explore the strategies each side used to … Read This Post

Great Negotiator Christiana Figueres

New Great Negotiator Case and Video: Christiana Figueres, former UNFCCC Executive Secretary

| | Teaching Negotiation

The Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School periodically presents the Great Negotiator Award to an individual whose lifetime achievements in the field of negotiation and … Read This Post

Principled Negotiation

Principled Negotiation: Focus on Interests to Create Value

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Inexperienced negotiators and even many experienced negotiators tend to assume they have a choice between two main strategies: negotiate in a tough, demanding manner or in a … Read This Post

good cop, bad cop negotiation

The Good Cop, Bad Cop Negotiation Strategy


The good cop, bad cop negotiation strategy is common in sales negotiations and other competitive contexts. Learn to identify and defuse this persuasion ploy when it’s tried … Read The Good Cop, Bad Cop Negotiation Strategy


The Importance of Power in Negotiations: Taylor Swift Shakes it Off

| | Dispute Resolution

In negotiation, our success often hinges on our bargaining power—which in turn can depend on forces beyond our control. That truism was highlighted in two recent disputes … Read This Post


What Leads to Renegotiation?

| | Dealmaking

Renegotiation is generally triggered for one of two reasons: an imperfect contract or changed circumstances. The goal of any written contract is to express the parties’ full … Read What Leads to Renegotiation?

a win. win situation

To Achieve a Win-Win Situation, First Negotiate with Yourself

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In business negotiations, our actions and reactions often go against creating a win-win situation. Self-examination can help, writes Getting to Yes author William Ury in his book, … Read This Post

intercultural barriers

Solutions for Avoiding Intercultural Barriers at the Negotiation Table

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Even with a common language and the best of intentions, business negotiators from different cultures face special challenges. Try these solutions for avoiding intercultural barriers when preparing … Read This Post

bad faith negotiation

In Corporate Crisis Management, Don’t Forget Employees

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Corporate crisis management is stressful for everyone involved—including employees. All organizations facing a crisis—from a pandemic to negative PR—can and should take steps to lessen the likelihood … Read This Post


What is Anchoring in Negotiation?

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What exactly is anchoring in negotiation, and how does it play out at the bargaining table? Consider this anchoring bias example from Harvard Business School and Harvard … Read What is Anchoring in Negotiation?