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Asynchronous Learning: Negotiation Exercises to Keep Students Engaged Outside the Classroom

| | Teaching Negotiation

Asynchronous role-play simulations teach valuable negotiation skills outside of a typical class format.
Asynchronous learning is a term used to describe education, instruction, or learning that does not … Read This Post

negotiation examples

10 Real-World Negotiation Examples

| | Negotiation Skills

Real-world negotiation examples can help us learn from the past and avoid repeating others’ mistakes. Here’s a recap of 10 recent real-world negotiation examples across government and … Read 10 Real-World Negotiation Examples

power in negotiations

Power in Negotiation: How Effective Negotiators Project Power at the Negotiation Table

| | Negotiation Skills

Negotiating power generally comes from one of three sources, according to Northwestern University professor Adam D. Galinsky and New York University professor Joe C. Magee. … Read This Post

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Mediation Training: What Can You Expect?

| | Mediation

Organizations have long recognized the value of hiring professional mediators to help resolve disputes. More and more, managers have begun to also see value in securing mediation … Read Mediation Training: What Can You Expect?


Negotiation Tactics, BATNA and Examples for Creating Value in Business Negotiations

| | Business Negotiations

Learning great BATNA examples, or estimations of your best alternative to a negotiated agreement as well as that of your negotiating counterpart, are essential to effective negotiation … Read This Post

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Types of Conflict in Business Negotiation—and How to Avoid Them

| | Conflict Resolution

Conflict in business negotiation is common, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are steps we can take to avoid types of conflict and misunderstandings. … Read This Post

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Negotiation Case Studies: The Bangladesh Factory-Safety Agreements

| | International Negotiation

We can learn a lot from negotiation case studies. On April 24, 2013 an eight-story building in Bangladesh known as Rana Plaza collapsed, killing an estimated 1,129 … Read This Post

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3 Negotiation Strategies for Conflict Resolution

| | Dispute Resolution

When a dispute flares up and conflict resolution is required, the outcome can be sadly predictable: the conflict escalates, with each side blaming the other in increasingly … Read 3 Negotiation Strategies for Conflict Resolution

Trust in Negotiations

Negotiation Skills: Building Trust in Negotiations

| | Negotiation Skills

Trust in negotiations may develop naturally over time, but negotiators rarely have the luxury of letting nature take its course. Thus it sometimes seems easiest to play it … Read This Post

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What is Med-Arb?

| | Mediation

When parties find themselves involved in a serious conflict, they often try to avoid the expense and hassle of litigation by turning to one of the two … Read What is Med-Arb?

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In Contract Negotiations, Agree on How You’ll Disagree

| | Dispute Resolution

During the course of a complex negotiation, the last thing we want to think about is the possibility that a serious disagreement or contract breach will arise … Read This Post

M&A Negotiation Strategy

M&A Negotiation Strategy: Dealing with an Unpredictable Counterpart

| | Dealing with Difficult People

In the high-stakes world of mergers and acquisitions (M&As), negotiation missteps can amplify into disasters, and lucky breaks into triumphs. As a result, there is much that … Read This Post