negotiate via text

How to Negotiate via Text Message

| | American Secretaries of State Project, Negotiation Skills

Do you negotiate via text message? If you’re a young person early in your career, there’s a good chance you could easily pull up message strings full … Read How to Negotiate via Text Message

Salary Negotiation Skills

Are Salary Negotiation Skills Different for Men and Women?

| | Salary Negotiations

Most negotiators don’t engage in the kinds of high-stakes bargaining we read about in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times, but almost … Read This Post

difficult negotiators

Managing Difficult Negotiators


In negotiation, we are often confronted with the task of dealing with difficult people—those who seem to prefer to set up roadblocks rather than break down walls, … Read Managing Difficult Negotiators

Mediation Hire a Mediator

Teaching Mediation: Exercises to Help Students Acquire Mediation Skills

| | Teaching Negotiation

Often, disputing parties are unable achieve satisfactory or sustainable outcomes on their own through direct negotiation, and require the assistance of a mediator or facilitator. Mediators can … Read This Post

How Conflict Examples Can Teach Us to Listen

| | Conflict Resolution

Listening deeply to our counterparts is a critical negotiation skill. Here, we look at how conflict examples can help us transform unproductive conflict into opportunities to listen … Read How Conflict Examples Can Teach Us to Listen


Essential Negotiation Skills: Limiting Cognitive Bias in Negotiation

| | Negotiation Skills

In past articles, we have highlighted a variety of psychological biases that affect negotiators, many of which spring from a reliance on intuition, and may hinder integrative … Read This Post

business conflict

Business Conflict Management

| | Conflict Resolution

In the business world, workplace disputes are all too common. Consider these real-life conflict scenarios: a group of employees who, working overtime to make up for staff … Read Business Conflict Management

negotiation goals

How to Set Negotiation Goals as a Manager

| | Business Negotiations

To encourage the negotiators they supervise to do their best, managers routinely rely on performance benchmarks, the promise of bonuses, and other types of goals. … Read How to Set Negotiation Goals as a Manager

moral leadership

Moral Leadership: Do Women Negotiate More Ethically than Men?

| | Leadership Skills

A key component of moral leadership is motivating others to live up to their personal ethical standards and those of your organization, even in the face of … Read This Post


When Not to Show Your Hand in Negotiations

| | Negotiation Skills

Here, we consider four types of information that may be best kept under wraps: sensitive or privileged information, information that isn’t yours to share, information that diminishes … Read When Not to Show Your Hand in Negotiations

Signing bonus negotiation

Signing Bonus Negotiation 101

| | Business Negotiations

After engaging in a successful salary negotiation for a coveted job, most people are ready to shake hands and start sharing the good news with friends and … Read Signing Bonus Negotiation 101

distributive negotiation

What is Distributive Negotiation and Five Proven Strategies

| | Dealmaking

Most negotiations call for very different, even opposing, skills: collaboration and competition. To get a great deal, we typically must work with others to find new sources … Read This Post