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Ship Bumping Case

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Andrew Clarkson Two-party international negotiation between Russian and U.S. negotiators over a naval incident; teams internally prepare instructions for a representative not involved in the preparation … Read More 


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Patricia Moore and Hal Movius with Lawrence Susskind Six-party, four-issue negotiation among representatives of several international aircraft companies over the terms of a potential long-term partnership … Read More 

Frustrated by a Meddling Boss? Negotiate your Authority from the Start

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As North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ambassadors geared up to finish negotiating a new declaration on national security in Brussels this past July, they received an unusual directive from NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg. At the request of U.S. security adviser John Bolton, Stoltenberg asked the ambassadors, who represented 29 North American and European nations, to … Read More 

Franklin Family Foundation and Westbrook Regional School District

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Catherine Preston and Lawrence Susskind Twelve-person, two-round negotiation between six foundation board members and six school board and community leaders over efforts to address racial disparities in academic performance; internal negotiations precede external … Read More 

Chestnut Village

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Thomas Wiegand Multi-party, multi-issue negotiation between 3-4 construction company representatives and 5-6 neighborhood representatives over safety and nuisance complaints regarding a local construction project; internal team meetings precede external negotiations … Read More 

Google Searches for a More Diverse Team

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Recently, executives at the Silicon Valley-based internet giant Google noticed a disturbing trend: the company was having difficulty hiring and retaining female employees, from engineers to senior executives, Claire Cain Miller writes in the August 22 issue of the New York Times. Women were dropping out during the job interview process and were not being … Read More 

Flagship Airways

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Paddy Moore, Hal Movius and Lawrence Susskind Six-person, four-issue negotiation between three representatives of an industrial manufacturer and three representatives of its primary client over restructuring of an existing purchase agreement … Read More 

Have you negotiated the authority you need?

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Adapted from “Great Deal—But How Will It Play at the Office?” by Jeswald W. Salacuse (professor, Tufts University), first published in the Negotiation newsletter, October 2006. To close any deal, you not only have to reach agreement with the other side but also convince your own organization of the deal’s value. In fact, you may … Read More 

Jeswald Salacuse Article Published in International Negotiation Journal

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Jeswald Salacuse’s article Teaching International Business Negotiation: Reflections on Three Decades of Experience was published in International Negotiation, Volume 15, Number 2. The full article can be purchased here. Abstract: The author has taught international business negotiation in a wide variety of university courses and executive training programs throughout the world during the last three decades. He … Read More 

Instructing the negotiator

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The Clearinghouse at PON offers hundreds of role simulations, from two-party, single-issue negotiations to complex multi-party exercises. The Ship Bumping Case is a two-party international negotiation between Russian and U.S. negotiators over a naval incident. Teams internally prepare instructions for a representative not involved in the preparation. SCENARIO: Vessels from the United States … Read More