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building consensus

The PON Clearinghouse offers over 100 acclaimed books on negotiation and conflict management. The Consensus Building Handbook, by Lawrence Susskind, Sarah McKearnan, Jennifer Thomas-Larmer was the winner of the 1999 CPR Award for Excellence in ADR (Outstanding Book Category).

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How Negotiation Role-Play Simulations Can Help You Resolve Environmental Disputes

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From complicated land use debates to the regulation of pollutants, environmental negotiations are fraught with dynamic legal, scientific, and societal considerations. Because many of the natural resources in question are limited and fragile, disputes over them can be particularly difficult. To help educate professionals about how to work through challenging environmental and sustainability negotiations, the Program … Read More 

Consensus Building Handbook

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Lawrence Susskind, Sarah McKearnan & Jennifer Thomas-Larmer Winner of the 1999 CPR Award for Excellence in ADR (Outstanding Book Category) … Read More 

Homelessness in Niceville

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Edward Scher and Lawrence Susskind Six-person facilitated integrative negotiation among advocates for homeless people, community and business leaders, and a foundation regarding the allocation of a grant to alleviate local homelessness problems … Read More 

To Reflect and Trust

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Eileen Babbitt (Professor of International Conflict Management Practice at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University) Building consensus and sharpening problem solving skills should be part of every negotiation. Some divisions between groups are so emotionally fraught, however, that the facilitators need enhanced training first. In this interview, Eileen Babbitt discusses a “to reflect … Read More 

Who Will Guarantee the Safety of Off-shore Oil and Gas Facilities?

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Lawrence Susskind, Ford professor of Urban and Environmental Planning, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology; author of Built to Win; co-author of Breaking Robert’s Rules and Breaking the Impasse Building consensus among regulators and the oil and gas industry about how to avoid future oil spills may be easier than previously thought. In this posting, Lawrence Susskind … Read More