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Negotiations are a process through which individuals or groups can resolve disputes, settle business transactions, or construct working agreements. The process of negotiation involves creating and claiming value at the bargaining table and can be classified as either distributive or integrative in nature. An example of a distributive negotiation would be haggling over the value of a used car while an integrative negotiation would be two rival companies discussing how they can share research and developments costs in future product development. Distributive negotiations involve the "distribution" of value already present while integrative negotiations seek to create value during the process of negotiation or, in other words, add to the pie of assets over which negotiations are taking place.

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Role Simulations

Role Simulation
Game Theory and Negotiation Analytics Role-Play:

Win As Much WATER As You Can!

Catherine Ashcraft
Four-person, scoreable, prisoner’s dilemma game where players decide how to handle low water levels in 10 quick rounds; an adaptation of the case “Win As Much As You Can.”
Role Simulation
Business and Commercial Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

Wintertime in Winterville

Jonathan Raab, Sarah McKearnan, Jan Martinez, and Michele Ferenz
Four-party negotiation among a federal building manager, the building contracting officer, a local employment agency, and a nonprofit organization regarding the renewal of a janitorial services contract in the context of past service problems
Role Simulation
Steven Maser
Five- or six-person, multi-issue, facilitated negotiation among federal agency, state government, environmental, and industry representatives over the regulation of woodstove emissions; optional sixth role for industry association counsel
Role Simulation
Labor Relations Negotiation Role-Play:

Work Rules Strategy

Kathleen Valley
Two-team iterated scoreable prisoner's dilemma exercise set in a labor/management context
Role Simulation
International Relations Negotiation Role-Play:

World Trade Center Redevelopment Negotiation

Lawrence Susskind, Katherine Harvey, David Kovick, F. Peter Phillips, Marc Wolinsky, Cathy Cronin Harris, and Simeon Baum
Six-person facilitated negotiation among representatives of the city, state, developer, insurer, and victims' families regarding the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

Video and Audio

Videos and Audio

Deborah M. Kolb, with the Simmons College Graduate School of Management, and the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

An exploration of the issue of gender in negotiations, featuring interviews with three professional women negotiators

Case Studies & Articles

A 27-page handbook designed to introduce high school students to problem-solving, interest-based negotiation