Event Date: Friday April 20, 2007
Time: 12:15 P.M.
Location: Pound Hall 335, Harvard Law School

Join William Ury for a discussion about his latest book, The Power of a Positive No. In it he argues that the key skill we need in today’s world of high stress and expanding choices is the ability to say “No.” He will talk about how we can set limits and stand up for what is important without damaging valuable relationships, and how the process of saying “No” can be combined with the process of getting to “Yes.”

William Ury directs the Global Negotiation Project at the Program on Negotiation. He is co-author (with Roger Fisher and Bruce Patton) of Getting to YES and author of Getting Past No and The Third Side. Over the past three decades, Ury has mediated in conflicts from coalmine strikes to boardroom battles to civil wars. Currently, he leads the Abraham Path Initiative, which seeks to create a permanent path of tourism and pilgrimage in the Middle East.

Purchase the book now at the PON Clearinghouse.


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