Video: Panel discussion of “The Diplomat: The Life and Legacy of Richard Holbrooke”

The Program on Negotiation Film Series was pleased to present a screening and discussion of a new documentary, “The Diplomat: The Life and Legacy of Richard Holbrooke,” on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. Following the screening, Professor James Sebenius, Harvard Business School, was joined by David Holbrooke, the director of “The Diplomat,” for a discussion of the film.

“The Diplomat” tells the remarkable story of Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, whose singular career spans fifty years of American foreign policy from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Told through the perspective of his eldest son David, the documentary takes you behind the scenes of high stakes diplomacy where peace is waged and wars are ended. The film was released in 2015, the 20th anniversary of Holbrooke’s crowning achievement: the Dayton Peace Accords, which ended the war in Bosnia. Ambassador Holbrooke was the recipient of PON’s Great Negotiator Award in 2004.


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