The Program on Negotiation welcomes students from all colleges and universities in the Boston area who have an interest in the field of negotiation and conflict management. We invite you to become part of the PON community! This can include coming to our many events, starting with our fall Open House, where you will meet fellow students and faculty and hear about opportunities to get involved. Other events include talks with world leaders, film showings and discussions that illuminate important aspects of conflict, and lunch and seminar talks that highlight negotiation aspects of current events.

Be sure to subscribe to our Student Interest Group email list to receive updates on events, funding and internship opportunities, and job announcements. We also include items in the SIG email that are sent to us from members of our student community.

Check out our grant and fellowship opportunities below. Our Graduate Research Fellows and grant recipients are contributing exciting new research in the field of negotiation.

PON Events

The Program on Negotiation hosts a wide variety of events throughout the academic year, including conferences, symposia, seminars, lectures, student discussions, book talks, film series events, and more.

Please visit our events page to learn more.

Funding Opportunities from PON

Graduate Research Fellowships
The PON Graduate Research Fellowship provides support for one year of dissertation research for doctoral students. Successful candidate receive a stipend of $26,000, access to PON facilities and Harvard libraries, and the opportunity to make deep connections to the PON community.

Summer Fellowships
PON offers summer fellowship grants to students doing internships or undertaking summer research projects with public, nonprofit, or academic organizations in the field of negotiation and dispute resolution. Summer fellowships for up to $3,500 are open to currently enrolled students who will be returning to school the following semester in the Boston area.

Graduate Student Grants
PON Graduate Student Grants are designed to support cutting-edge research at the graduate level in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution. Grants are awarded for specific research projects in amounts of up to $1,000.

Next Generation Grants
The PON Next Generation Grants support research in negotiation and conflict resolution by non-tenured faculty and doctoral students. Grants are awarded for specific research projects to successful applicants within PON’s inter-university consortium. Doctoral student grants are limited to $5,000. Non-tenured, tenure-track faculty grants are limited to $10,000, of which no more than $5,000 should be for personnel.

PON Semester-Length Seminars on Negotiation and Mediation

PON offers two semester-length courses each year that are open to the public: Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in the fall, and Mediation and Conflict Management in the spring. These courses typically include participants from a wide range of disciplines, professional fields, and life experiences. Please visit our PON Seminar page to learn more.

Courses at PON Consortium Schools & Other Boston Area Universities

For more information about current negotiation and conflict mediation course offerings, please visit the school’s websites:

Harvard Law School
Harvard Business School
Harvard Kennedy School
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Fletcher School, Tufts University
The Heller School, Brandeis University
Simmons College
UMass Boston

Check out the following programs at Harvard Law School to learn more about negotiation and mediation:

Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program
Harvard Negotiators
Harvard Mediation Program

Alternative Dispute Resolution

PON Staff   •  09/30/2009   •  Filed in DRD Tag Pages

Alternative Dispute Resolution

FALL 2013
Sarah Garraty

Law school courses focus almost exclusively on adjudication as a model for resolving legal disputes, yet only a fraction of disputes actually go to trial. This course exposes students to the many alternatives to trial, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, fact-finding, and hybrid combinations of these methods. After … Read More 

Alternative Dispute Resolution

PON Staff   •  09/25/2009   •  Filed in DRD Tag Pages

Alternative Dispute Resolution

FALL 2013
Davalene Cooper
Martha Koster

Designed to familiarize students with alternatives to traditional means of settling disputes. The course begins with the traditional method of dispute resolution, litigation, and later concentrates on negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. The course also exposes students to various programs in Massachusetts that use alternative … Read More 

Dispute Systems Design: Seminar

PON Staff   •  09/25/2009   •  Filed in DRD Tag Pages

Dispute Systems Design


Mr. Rory Van Loo

Lawyers are often called upon to help design systems for managing and/or resolving conflicts that support or supplant existing legal structures. Implicitly or explicitly, every institution and organization has a system for managing disputes. In some cases, the system may be formal, with administrative hearings, courts, tribunals, … Read More 

Conflict Analysis and Intervention

PON Staff   •  09/25/2009   •  Filed in DRD Tag Pages

Conflict Analysis and Intervention (LGLS 130A1)

FALL 2014

Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-7:50 pm

Professor Douglas Smith

Examines alternatives to litigation, including negotiation and mediation. Through simulations and court observations, students assess their own attitudes about and skills in conflict resolution. Analyzes underlying theories in criminal justice system, divorce, adoption, and international arena. … Read More 

Alternative Dispute Resolution

PON Staff   •  09/25/2009   •  Filed in DRD Tag Pages

Alternative Dispute Resolution JD 881 (A1)


FALL 2014
Monday and Wednesday 11:00am-12:25pm
Professor Reich

Spring 2015
Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-4:00pm
Professor Bamford

One of a lawyer’s primary tasks is to resolve disputes. Most controversies are never decided by a court but instead are settled by agreement. The ability to negotiate and mediate effectively is therefore crucial for litigators … Read More 

Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution

PON Staff   •  09/25/2009   •  Filed in DRD Tag Pages

Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution


Barry Weiner

This seminar series will offer students the opportunity to actually mediate and arbitrate a specific case through 2 party role playing with Mr. Weiner as Judge, Mediator and Arbitrator. During the course, both sides will consider the advisability of mediation and its timing, … Read More 

Dispute Resolution Directory

PON Staff   •  09/18/2009   •  Filed in Dispute Resolution Directory

The Dispute Resolution Directory brings together information on a rich selection of courses and learning opportunities in the greater Boston area for people interested in negotiation and dispute resolution. The Directory is published by the Dispute Resolution Program and the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. The Program on Negotiation is a community of … Read More 

2009 Program on Negotiation Fall Open House

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Interested in negotiation and conflict resolution?
Come to the Program on Negotiation Open House!

The open house will begin at 6:30pm on Tuesday, September 29th in the PON Library, Pound 513, Harvard Law School.

Meet students and faculty interested in Alternative Dispute Resolution and learn how to get involved. Students from the Boston area and beyond are welcome … Read More 

Harvard Law School Spotlight on Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program

PON Staff   •  08/20/2009   •  Filed in Daily, Dispute Resolution, Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program, News

Harvard Law School’s News Office recently interviewed Harvard Law School’s Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) students and faculty about three of the projects on which they worked during the Spring of 2009.
Click here to read the entire interview
Harvard Law School’s Negotiation & Mediation Clinical … Read More 

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