Turning Difficult Mediation Moments into Opportunities

Transforming Challenges into Success: A Deep Dive into Mediation Moments and Dynamics with Experts Audrey Lee and Alain Lempereur.

Even the most seasoned mediators face challenging mediation moments. What characterizes these moments? What do they have in common? When do they occur? Why do mediators view them as challenging? And then, how can mediators anticipate and navigate these moments in the midst of mediation? What considerations can mediators keep in mind to turn difficult moments into opportunities?

In this video, seasoned mediators Audrey Lee and Alain Lempereur explore the challenging moments that arise during difficult mediation moments. Drawing from their rich experiences, they discuss the nature of these moments, when and why they occur, and how mediators can better anticipate and navigate them. The duo delves into the dynamics of mediation, covering topics like strong emotions, identity, roles, and bias. They emphasize the importance of making reflective responses over mere instinctual reactions. This presentation serves as a guide for mediators seeking strategies to transform challenging situations into beneficial outcomes.

Lee specializes in mediating workplace, employment, organizational, harassment, and discrimination disputes. She is Chair of Boston Law Collaborative’s ADR Panel and has served as a mediator for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. Lee also works with higher education institutions on Title IX matters, both as an adjudicator and organizational consultant. In 2021, Lee was selected for inclusion in Boston Magazine’s inaugural list of “Top Lawyers” (Mediators). Lee has led interactive implicit bias workshops at the Canadian Bar Association, the League of American Orchestras Annual Conference, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. She has also led advanced mediation skills workshops for mediators at the Office of the UN Ombudsman and Mediation Service and Australia’s Fair Work Commission. Lee is featured in Harvard Business Review’s “Insights” series on Leadership and Managing People and has been a contributing commentator for the BBC Capital’s Work Ethic column.

Lempereur promotes his “responsible negotiation” framework worldwide and applies it to leadership, mediation, and humanitarian challenges. He has published a dozen books, including The First Move: A Negotiator’s Companion and Mediation: Negotiation by Other Moves. He has also contributed to more than 100 articles and book chapters. After getting a research doctorate in law from Harvard Law School and degrees at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Lempereur spent 25 years consulting and providing executive training for international organizations, national governments, global consulting firms, and corporations in 70 countries. He founded negotiation and leadership initiatives in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe and was the founding director of IRENÉ – a European negotiation institute he led for 15 years at ESSEC Business School.

In this enlightening video presentation, Lee and Lempereur craft a roadmap for mediators, equipping them to astutely engage with parties during intense moments. They delve deep into mediation’s intricacies, guiding when to prioritize thoughtful reflection over instinctual decisions.


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