Mediation: Negotiation by Other Moves with Alain Lempereur

In this book talk, author Alain Lempereur discusses Mediation: Negotiation by Other Moves.

Timely, efficient, and responsible resolution of conflicts is more important than ever. What to do when tensions escalate, and parties fail to negotiate on their own? How can we give negotiation a chance, instead of going to court, going on strike or even to war? We can try mediation, which enables the pursuit of negotiation by other means. Mediation is increasingly sought by individuals, corporation, and governments, because they wish to remain in charge of their destiny and seek constructive solutions to end their most intractable disputes

In this book talk, author Alain Lempereur discusses his book Mediation: Negotiation by Other Moves. The book provides mediators, parties and other stakeholders with a powerful and thorough overview of how mediation succeeds. Its methodology elucidates grounding principles, real cases, concrete skills to reinforce and practical formulas to use. It presents new avenues to prepare for mediation and to navigate its process smoothly, from opening to settlement. This volume offers a one-stop, pragmatic framework for mediation, built upon decades of academic and practical experience, that applies to fields as varied as family, business and labor, public affairs, and international relations.

Alain Lempereur is the Alan B. Slifka professor at Brandeis University, and the director of the Heller Conflict Resolution and Coexistence Program. He is an affiliated faculty, and executive committee member of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. He has served as the editor of the PON Negotiation Briefings. He also contributes to the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and the Geneva-based Center of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation. He is a consultant for the International Committee of the Red Cross and MSF (Doctors without Borders).


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