Islands of Agreement: Managing Enduring Armed Rivalries

Event Date: Wednesday September 19, 2007
Time: 8:30-10:00 A.M. (Continental Breakfast at 8:00)
Location: Pound Hall, 2nd Floor, John Chipman Gray Room, Harvard Law School

Assistant Professor Gabriella Blum, Harvard Law School

How do we address situations where peace and war coexist? How can we address ongoing interstate relations in a situation of conflict? In her new book, Islands of Agreement: Managing Enduring Armed Rivalries, Gabriella Blum examines long-enduring rivalries–India and Pakistan, Greece and Turkey, Israel and Lebanon– to show how international law and politics can function in combat zones and daily life. Through a strategy she calls “islands of agreement,” Blum argues that within the most entrenched and bitter struggles, adversaries can carve out limited areas that remain safe or even prosperous amid a tide of war. Professor Blum will address these and other issues during this Dispute Resolution Forum (DRF).

Gabriella Blum is an Assistant Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. She also serves as a strategic advisor to the Israeli National Security Council. Blum earned an LL.B. in 1995 and a B.A. in Economics in 1996 from Tel-Aviv University. She received an L.L.M in 2001 and a S.J.D. in 2003 from Harvard Law School. Blum is also a former graduate research fellow at the Program on Negotiation. Previously she worked as a lawyer for the Israel Defense Forces, serving in the International Law Department of the Military Advocate General’s Corps.

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