Terrorism, Identity and Moderation: The Struggle for Pakistan’s Soul

Event Date: Wednesday September 26, 2007
Time: 7:30 P.M.
Location: Pound Hall 107, Harvard Law School

Zamir Akram, Foreign Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan
Opening Remarks by Daniel L. Shapiro, Director, Harvard International Negotiation Initiative

Pakistan is at the fault line of many conflicts and contradictions. It also holds the key to some of the 21st century’s most pressing questions. Can moderate Islam coexist with a plural, progressive state? Can Pakistan resolve its complex ethnic and religious identity-based conflicts? Can Pakistani institutions of democracy grow and survive? Is the “war on terror” an excuse for a war on Islam? Can India and Pakistan bring peace to the most dangerous conflict zone in the world? Bring your questions and ideas to this engaging and important dialogue.

Dan Shapiro is the founder and director of Harvard’s International Negotiation Intiative, Associate Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project, and a faculty member of both Harvard Law School and Harvard Medical School.


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