Gene Sharp event featured on HLS website

A review focusing on the PON film screening of “How to Start a Revolution,” a documentary following the life and work of Gene Sharp, was recently published on Harvard Law School’s website.

The event featured a post-screening panel discussion with Sharp,  founder of the Albert Einstein Institution, a nonprofit institute that focuses on the study of nonviolent action in conflicted zones and the author of From Dictatorship to Democracy, (1993). This book has influenced  nonviolent movements in countries as diverse as  Burma, Georgia, China and Egypt.

“The phenomenon I have been describing in my book is growing and so much has been changed already. I grew up in the post World War II period and lived the Cold War, which seemed to be unfixable at the time and now it is gone,” said Sharp. “When people are no longer intimidated and become conscious of their rights there is hope for change.”

Sharp is currently working to effect change by serving as a leading expert in nonviolence and as Professor Emeritus of political science at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. For more information about Gene Sharp, click here.

To read the article on the Harvard Law School website, click here.

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