Perspectives on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in Aceh, Serbia, Sri Lanka, and the US

Event Date: Wednesday October 18, 2006
Time: 12:15 - 1:30 PM
Location: Pound Hall 506, Harvard Law School

PON 2006 Summer Fellows Anika Locke Binnendijk, Zev Eigen, Susan Hayward and Rachel Schiller

PON 2006 Summer Fellows will discuss their international projects:

Anika Locke Binnendijk (Fletcher School): Negotiation, Loyalty Shifts, and Nonviolent Strategy in the Serbian Otpor Movement to Oust Milosevic

Zev Eigen (MIT): Litigants’ Perceptions of Justice and Fairness in Mandatory Arbitration of Employment Disputes in the USA

Susan Hayward (Harvard Divinity School; Fletcher School): Strengthening Religious Support for the Peace Process in Sri Lanka

Rachel Schiller (Fletcher School): Mediating Peace in Internal Conflicts: The Case of Aceh, Indonesia

Bring your lunch — drinks and dessert provided.


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